D. Fermentati: A Culinary Journey of Fermentation Revelations

D. Fermentati

A Culinary Journey of Fermentation Revelations

Taken place in the vibrant and viridescent setting of Casa degli Artisti in Milan, The recent “D. Fermentati” event held at the art center’s bistro Degustazione Ristoro e Dispensa on Monday, June 17th was a celebration of culinary innovation and tradition. Aiming at showcasing the art of fermentation in a way that was both educational and delightful to the senses, “D. Fermentati” left a lasting impression on all who attended.


Founded in 1909 by the Bogani brothers with the vision of building an artistic community, Casa degli Artisti hosted workshops and ateliers for artists from various disciplines. Reopened in 2020, Casa degli Artisti is now an international and interdisciplinary space where artists of different fields connect, converse and collaborate. The three-story building houses 11 ateliers, an open-to-public exhibition space on the ground, an outdoor space overlooking the greenery and a bistro, which is the space where “D. Fermentati” was hosted.

As guests entered the urban oasis, they were greeted by the harmonious blend of industrial architecture and lush garden, setting the stage for a gustatory discovery. The electric atmosphere, filled with the hum of excited conversations and the soothing notes of live music, provided the perfect backdrop for the evening’s festivities.


The star of the event was undoubtedly the array of fermented delicacies crafted by the talented team at Degustazione Ristoro e Dispensa. Tables were laden with a vibrant assortment of tempeh, bread, rich miso, kombucha and wine. Each plate reflected the careful craftsmanship and deep understanding of fermentation techniques, transforming simple and common ingredients into complex and flavorful creations.

Degustazione Ristoro e Dispensa’s dedication to simplicity, economy, and familial care guides their culinary vision. Their focus on rare varieties, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and artisanal transformation is evident in every bite. By maintaining a strong network of ethical producer, manufacturers and suppliers, Degustazione Ristoro e Dispensa ensures that every product is a true reflection of the bistro’s commitment to a new culture of food and the principle of prioritizing quality over quantity.


In addition to the in-house offerings, several external producers were invited to the event to showcase their own fermented products. The collaboration highlighted the diversity and versatility of fermentation, bringing together a wide range of flavors and textures that delighted the palates of attendees. Guests moved from table to table, sampling the unique contributions of each producer and gaining insights into the processes behind these culinary wonders and the delight of this nomad-like gourmet experience.

Overall, “D. Fermentati” was a testament to the vision of Lorenzo Castellini and his team. It displayed their commitment to reviving lost spaces, promoting local producers, and advancing a new culture of food that values sustainability, quality, and creativity. The event was a resounding success, leaving guests inspired and eager to see what future culinary adventures Degustazione Ristoro e Dispensa will offer.


For those who attended, the evening was a journey through the transformative power of fermentation — a journey that deepened their connection to the food they eat and the land it comes from. “D. Fermentati” was more than an event; it was an experience that celebrated the art of fermentation and the joy of coming together to share in the fruits of careful, passionate labor.

Visiting Degustazione Ristoro e Dispensa (@degustazioneristorodipensa) for further information and future events

An Early Summer Night’s Dream in Capri with Dolce&Gabbana x Mytheresa

An Early Summer Night’s Dream in Capri
with Dolce&Gabbana x Mytheresa

Mytheresa along with Dolce&Gabbana brought us to Capri to officially kick off summer and to celebrate, one more time, their collaborative venture with the unveiling of the 8th Exclusive Collection. The event was a fully authentic Italian experience, starting with an aperitivo at the iconic Bar Tiberio, of course in the very popular piazzetta of Capri, and followed by a dinner under the lemon trees at Da Paolino restaurant. Guests, including artists, models and actors like Alice Pagani, Beatrice Grannò and Poppy Delevingne, later enjoyed traditional Italian music at Anema & Core taverna, singing and dancing on the stage, the perfect finale to the evening that echoed the spirit of ‘la dolce vita’.

This special collection, inspired by the enchanting allure of Capri, beautifully integrates the island’s iconic landscapes and marine motifs into both womenswear and kidswear. The pieces feature vibrant depictions of Capri’s colourful houses and the majestic Faraglioni cliffs, adorned with playful polka dots and marine imagery such as corals, shells, and starfish. This thematic fusion is designed to evoke the blissful, sun-soaked summers of the Tyrrhenian coastline.

The collection offers an array of glamorous ready-to-wear ensembles along with chic accessories, encompassing everything from dresses to jumpsuits, all designed to elevate summer wardrobes with a touch of Capri’s iconic style. Moreover, the collection extends to ‘mini-me’ styling options with matching dresses and shoes for children, showcasing bold colours and dynamic prints that capture the vibrancy of Capri.


The Dolce&Gabbana x Mytheresa Capri Exclusive Collection it’s also featured an exclusive editorial story crafted by Mytheresa’s Chief Creative Officer Julian Paul and captured by photographer Jorin Koers. This collaboration not only highlights the enduring partnership between the two brands but also reinforces their commitment to blending high fashion with iconic cultural elements.


Available globally on Mytheresa.com  from May 1st, 2024.

Ceval Omar, Korlan Madi, Alice Pagani

Aweng Choul, Chiara Scelsi

Leonie Hanne

Julia Sarr-Jamois, Ola Farahat

Text: Silvia Pescia


total look CELINE

(right) total look DIOR

(left) total look THE FRANKIE SHOP 

(right) total look CELINE (left) total look CELINE 

total look GIVENCHY

Talent: Lukas Ionesco (@lukasionesco) @ZZO Talents (@zzotalents)


Photographer: Emmanuel Giraud (@emmanuelgiraud)

Stylist: Thomas Turian (@tomturian)

Hair Stylist: Caroline Schmitt (@caroline__schmitt)

Make-Up Artist: Annabelle Petit (@annabelle___petit)

Stylist Assistant: Ali Marashi (@alimshs)

The Young Alchemist

(left) shirt HELMUT LANG, vest & trousers CALVIN KLEIN, shoes BALENCIAGA
(right) top AMI PARIS, trousers COMME DES GARÇONS archive, collar stylist’s archive, hat GALANOS, belt vintage


(left) shirt HELMUT LANG, trousers CALVIN KLEIN, crown vintage, shoes BALENCIAGA

top SAINT LAURENT, hat BALENCIAGA archive, tights & shoes stylist’s own

Photographer: Marcus Cooper (@marcuscooper)

Stylist: Callie Rothermel

Model: Luke Clod (@clod._)

Winner of the First Edition of Ca' Del Bosco Sculpture Revealed

The Winner for the First Edition of Ca' Del Bosco Sculpture Award Revealed

Leading Franciacorts winery Ca’del Bosco proudly announced the winner of its first-ever Ca’del Bosco Sculpture Award at an intimate dinner event in Venice on May 3, 2024.


Held every two years, the Ca’del Bosco Sculpture Award is the first competition in Italy for local Italian artists under the age of 40 who create large-scale outdoor sculptures. With the support from Venetian Heritage, an international non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the legacy of the Republic of Venice, the award aims at providing a platform for young talents with a vision for contemporary sculpture.


Emerging victorious from a pool of outstanding young sculptors was Irene Coppola with her work, “Handandland”, followed by Giulia Cenci’s “Crescita Secondaria” garnering the second prize and Benni Bosetto’s “Perle” snatching the third price, marking a triumphant moment for female artistic expression.


Born in Palermo in 1991, Irene Coppola has been exploring the nuanced intersections between nature and culture, employing various mediums ranging from sculpture and video to environmental installations. Her impressive track record includes participation in numerous artistic residencies and exhibitions both in Italy and abroad, as well as receiving prestigious awards that highlight her innovative approach to contemporary art.

With an extension of 18 meters and 2,7 meters height, “Handandland” is a poetic trace in neon light that will be installed on the external steps of the production area of ​​Ca del’Bosco’s winery, located on the picturesque hill of Erbusco. The cursive script of the words “hand and land” is an imitation of the tendrils, that are typical of climbing plants such as grape vines, or rather the tactile extension that allows them to support themselves and grow beyond the stem. The shape of the tendril is ubiquitous in the vineyard of Ca del’Bosco, which perfectly echoing the surrounding natural landscape.


Under the leadership of President Maurizio Zanella, Ca’ del Bosco interweaves the essence of art with its foundational spirit, aiming to forge a strong link between art and wine. The relationship between Ca’ del Bosco and the arts has been profound, dating back to the 1970s when Maurizio Zanella first recognized the deep connection between wine and artistic imagination—a magical union of nature, thought, soul, and senses. This ethos is epitomized by the iconic Solar Gate, commissioned from noted sculpture artist Arnaldo Pomodoro in 1985 and erected in 1993, which welcomes visitors into a realm where the Renaissance of Italian winemaking harmoniously coexists with a modern, technologically advanced winery and a sprawling open-air art gallery.


Ca’del Bosco Sculpture Award embodies the dual goals of reinforcing this connection and institutionalizing the existing relationship through patronage that empowers the boundless creativity and potential of the new artistic generation. With this award, Coppola not only crowned with a cash prize recognizing her creativity but also received financial support towards the actual creation of her sculpture. The inauguration of Irene Coppola’s winning artwork “Handandland” will take place in October 2024. The sculpture will be a permanent installation in the sculpture park of Ca’ del Bosco, thus becoming an integral part of the winery’s esteemed art collection.

Tokyo Love Hotel


(left) dress VERSACE for H&M  (right) bra & tights stylist’s own, shoes SIMONE ROCHA

(left) knit top vintage  (right) top & skirt FAL-ASH


blouse OBSESS, blazer, trousers & brooch DRESSEDUNDRESSED

Photography: Ola Walków (@valklove)

Fashion: Dominika Szmid (@domsyn)

Concept: Aleksandra Janiec (@aleksandrajaniec)

Hair & Make-up: Yui Yamanaka (@yuiy521)

Model: Aoi (@aoi712)

Valextra Vocabolario

Valextra Vocabolario

The Innovative Multi-Channel Design Project in collabora Studio Temp for Salone del Mobile 2024

Milan-based luxury leather goods brand Valextra launched an outstanding multi-channel design exposition for this year’s Milan Design Week. Titled as “Valextra Vocabolario”, the exhibition is an intriguing in-store immersive experience in collaboration with Bergamo-based Studio Temp, showcasing at the brand’s flagship store on Via Manzoni.


Valextra’s flagship store, designed by noted British architect John Pawson in 2019, was transformed into an unprecedented scene. Aluminum sheets rise from floor to ceiling, turning this minimalist haven into a maze of intersecting slabs. This brutalist intervention by Studio Temp from the street creates a bold play of abstract geometries that seamlessly integrates into the store, offering special pieces and new metallic finishes. The graphical language of the project pays tribute to Valextra’s rich history of avant-garde design collaborations.

A highlight of the initiative is the 3D-printed “Iside Onda” bag. This curvilinear and futuristic rendition of the classic trapezoidal design of the iconic Iside bag, first conceived in 2011, is crafted from a biodegradable corn-derived filament. The bag’s striated surface, a product of the pliability of its organic and renewable materials, showcases the potential of blending 3D printing technology with traditional leather-working techniques. The rigid, sculpted body is hand-painted and finished with elegant black-on-black leather and metal details, elevating the fusion of cutting-edge technology with artisanal luxury.


In occasion of this world-class design event, Valextra introduced “Valextra Assoluto,” a new unisex capsule collection made from regenerated nylon, featuring sophisticated, ergonomic designs and monochromatic metal inserts. This high-performance luxury line embodies Valextra’s dedication to progressive technology while preserving artisanal traditions. The collection includes a multi-pocket Shopper, a Fanny Pack inspired by the iconic 1968 Tric-Trac bag, and a V-draped Backpack, all designed to speak the “Valextra Vocabolario.”

Further innovating the retail experience, Valextra SPA, offers a dedicated repair and restoration service. This playful wellness center-themed installation, complete with customized workstations next to a futuristic sauna clad in aluminum, reflects the brand’s commitment to extending the life cycle of its products.


As part of MiArt and Salone del Mobile, Valextra proudly integrates itself among Milan’s most renowned icons with a bold display across the entire facade of La Rinascente. Each of the eight arched windows features a large gray letter from the brand’s name, with eye-level slits revealing Valextra products within a dramatically lit setup. On the first floor, the men’s luxury department hosts a pop-up of Valextra Vocabolario, echoing the angular structures and logo carpet of the Via Manzoni installation.


This temporary setup complements the permanent female Valextra section at La Rinascente, ensuring the brand’s innovative and traditional crafts remain a significant part of Milan’s luxury landscape.

Text: Anna Kovaleva

Remastering a Legacy: Saint Laurent Rive Droite Presents Gio Ponti - Villa Planchart Exhibition

Remastering a Legacy

Saint Laurent Rive Droite Presents Gio Ponti x Villa Planchart Exhibtion at Salone del Mobile 2024

For this year’s Salone di Mobile, Saint Laurent’s new cultural destination and creative retail Saint Laurent Rive Droite teamed up with the Gio Ponti Archives and the Fundación Anala y Armando Planchart on an exclusive collaboration. Situated in Brera, Milan’s artistic and cultural neighborhood, the exhibition showccases an impressive collection of porcelain plates curated by Saint Laurent’s creative director Anthony Vaccarello.


Hidden in the heart of Milan, the exhibition takes place in a serene and solemn 16th century ancient cloister, Chiostri di San Simpliciano. Amid the excitement of Milan Design Week, the exhibition is a tranquil stage where the tradition and modernity encounter. Hand in hand with historic Italian porcelain house Ginori 1735, Saint Laurent Rive Droite presents 12 original plates, reissued from Villa Planchart Segnaposto collection designed by the legendary Italian architect Gio Ponti in 1957. Hand painted in Ginori 1735’s Italian Manifattura, the plates are the culmination of artisanal heritage and luxury excellence, and a tribute to Italian design and craftsmanship.


The story of the plates dated back to 1953, when successful Venezuelan automobile dealer Amrando Planchart and his wife Anala reached out to notable Italian architect Gio Ponti on a special commission. As avid lovers of art and culture, the couple invited Gio Ponti to build an avant-garde villa on the highest hill of Caracas, Venezuela. Named as Villa Planchart, the residence was designed as a “light and graceful butterfly nestled on a hill”. Filled with creative inventions and bright and vivacious colors, the villa overlooks magnificent panoramic views of Caracas, perfectly fulfilled the Plancharts’ vision to modernity.

To finalize the interior decoration of the villa, Gio Ponti invited outstanding Italian artisans with traditional expertise. Among them was the Florentine porcelain manufacturer Ginori 1735, of which he had previously worked an artistic director. He designed a set of porcelain tableware, each piece a testament to his deft combination of functionality and artistry. Decorated with the symbols and motifs of the villa, the plates demonstrated Gio Ponti’s artistic flair and eye for detail. The Sun, the Crescent Moon, the Polar Star and magnificent iterations of the letter “A” – an homage to Anala and Armando, these elements elegantly presented a harmonious balance of color and form, evoking the villa’s altitudinal elevation and natural surroundings.


Not mere a homage to Gio Ponti’s legacy, the exhibition is a showcase of the finest Italian craftsmanship and design, as well as Saint Laurent’s exceptional taste and aesthetics. Open to public from April 16th to 21st, the Gio Ponti – Villa Planchart exhibition will be on view at Milan’s Chiostri Di San Simpliciano, coinciding with the Salone del Mobile 2024.


For those interested in owning the reissued Gio Ponti plates, they can find them accessible only on ysl.com, at Saint Laurent Rive Droite Los Angeles, Saint Laurent Babylone in Paris and, for a limited time and by appointment, at Saint Laurent’s Milan flagship on Via Montenapoleone during Milan Design Week.

A Viennese Rendez-vous: Mytheresa and Miu Miu's Holiday Gala

A Viennese Rendez-vous

Mytheresa and Miu Miu's Holiday Gala

Marleen Roubik, Anouk Lamm Anouk, Sofie Royer

In the historic heart of Vienna, a city where tradition waltzes with modernity, a grand celebration unfolded. Mytheresa, in concert with the esteemed fashion brand Miu Miu, targeted by Lyst as the hottest brand of the moment, hosted a two-day event, imbued with elegance and exclusivity, to usher in the holiday season.

The experience commenced at the majestic Upper Belvedere Palace, a symbol of the imperial grandeur. Within its hallowed halls, illuminated by the warm glow of candels and embellished with dark red flowers, the guests were embraced by a tableau of sophistication. The attendees were treated to a private tour of the most extensive Gustav Klimt collection in the venerable Upper Belvedere Palace. This visual feast of Klimt’s celebrated works, set against the backdrop of Viennese historical splendor. The grandiose hall, adorned with intricate frescoes and golden embellishments, hosted a tableau where light danced off polished surfaces and shadows played along the edges, creating an atmosphere of timeless elegance. This exclusive gathering marked a beginning to the season’s celebrations.

Julia Hobbs, Pixie Geldof, Poppy Delevingne, Raven Smith.

Manon Bresch, Jihoon Kim

As the night progressed, the soiree’s ambiance shifted to the dining room where culinary art awaited. Two elongated tables, arrayed in unblemished white linens, stood ready for the banquet prepared by the esteemed Chef Johannes Nuding. In this setting, guests like Poppy Delevingne, Pixie Geldof, Raven Smith and Manon Bresh, convened to savor the gastronomic masterpieces.

The juxtaposition of the room’s classical architecture with the sumptuous, modern fare created a harmonious blend of past and present. Adding a touch of whimsy to the elegant affair, celebrated stylist and cake artist Sophia Stolz presented a dazzling array of desserts, way more than just sweet treats. They were masterpieces of culinary art, delighting the senses and adding a layer of enchantment to the evening.

Sophia Stolz

Julia Hobbs

Zinnia Kumar, Mergim Shabani

The revelry continued to the next day with a refined lunch at the five-star Hotel Sacher, a bastion of Viennese elegance and luxury. Famous worldwide for its modernized ‘Sacher Torte’, adark chocolate glazed sponge cake with layers of apricot jam, the hotel pushing the traditional Austrian culinary heritage to the pinnacle.

Each moment of the celebration was crafted with care and attention to detail, reflective of the warmth and familiarity that are hallmarks of Mytheresa events. From the selection of the venues to the intricacies of the program, every element was a nod to the art of fine hosting.

This two-day fête by Mytheresa and Miu Miu stood as a testament to the power of collaboration and elevate the essence of celebration, leaving a mark on the hearts of those who were part of this special Viennese rendez-vous.

Givenchy Sfilate: Chronicles of Elegance

Givenchy Sfilate

Chronicles of Elegance



The world of fashion is gearing up to welcome a new chapter of timeless elegance with the release of the book “Givenchy Sfilate”. This extraordinary monograph offers an unprecedented immersion into the haute couture and ready-to-wear collections of the renowned Maison, from its debut in 1952 to the present day.


Curated by fashion experts Alexandre Samson and Anders Christian Madsen, the volume opens with a fascinating historical contribution that introduces fashion enthusiasts to the vision of the brand’s founder Hubert de Givenchy, who always asserted that “the shortest path to elegance is simplicity”, and this mantra continues to permeate every page of the book.



Organized chronologically, the 180 collections presented in the book narrate the captivating story of the Maison, ushering in each new era with a brief summary and the biographies of the creatives who shaped Givenchy’s aesthetic. From Hubert de Givenchy’s early steps to the creative direction of talents like John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, Julien McDonald, Riccardo Tisci, Clare Waight Keller, to the current vision of Matthew M. Williams, the book offers a timeless journey through seven decades of iconic fashion house.


Accompanying Individual collections are some short texts that unveil inspirations, highlights, and details behind each created masterpiece. With over 1200 carefully selected runway photos, readers have the precious opportunity to immerse themselves in the visual mastery that has made Givenchy a benchmark in high fashion. The book also features interviews and quotes from the designers who have shaped the brand over the years. From the words of Hubert de Givenchy, who embodied effortless elegance, to the current philosophy of Matthew M. Williams, seeing fashion as an expression of personality, each creative director has contributed to defining Givenchy’s distinctive identity.



“Givenchy Sfilate” is not just a monograph; it is an opportunity to explore the creative evolution of the Maison and the artists who have guided it through successes, challenges, and innovations. As Alexandre Samson emphasizes, the book attests to an extraordinary level of inventiveness and luxury, maintaining a unique balance between commercial proposals and spectacularism.


In a digital age where fashion evolves rapidly, “Givenchy Sfilate” stands as a tangible testament to the artistic mastery that has withstood the test of time. This book is not only a tribute to past collections, but also an inspiration for future generations – an authentic bible for fashion enthusiasts who wish to trace the trajectories of an icon that has defied time. With the heart of Givenchy beating in tune with the times, this book, available from the 17th November, promises to be an indulgent read for all those who appreciate the timeless art and elegance of fashion.

Text: Daniele Tancredi