D. Fermentati

A Culinary Journey of Fermentation Revelations

Taken place in the vibrant and viridescent setting of Casa degli Artisti in Milan, The recent “D. Fermentati” event held at the art center’s bistro Degustazione Ristoro e Dispensa on Monday, June 17th was a celebration of culinary innovation and tradition. Aiming at showcasing the art of fermentation in a way that was both educational and delightful to the senses, “D. Fermentati” left a lasting impression on all who attended.


Founded in 1909 by the Bogani brothers with the vision of building an artistic community, Casa degli Artisti hosted workshops and ateliers for artists from various disciplines. Reopened in 2020, Casa degli Artisti is now an international and interdisciplinary space where artists of different fields connect, converse and collaborate. The three-story building houses 11 ateliers, an open-to-public exhibition space on the ground, an outdoor space overlooking the greenery and a bistro, which is the space where “D. Fermentati” was hosted.

As guests entered the urban oasis, they were greeted by the harmonious blend of industrial architecture and lush garden, setting the stage for a gustatory discovery. The electric atmosphere, filled with the hum of excited conversations and the soothing notes of live music, provided the perfect backdrop for the evening’s festivities.


The star of the event was undoubtedly the array of fermented delicacies crafted by the talented team at Degustazione Ristoro e Dispensa. Tables were laden with a vibrant assortment of tempeh, bread, rich miso, kombucha and wine. Each plate reflected the careful craftsmanship and deep understanding of fermentation techniques, transforming simple and common ingredients into complex and flavorful creations.

Degustazione Ristoro e Dispensa’s dedication to simplicity, economy, and familial care guides their culinary vision. Their focus on rare varieties, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and artisanal transformation is evident in every bite. By maintaining a strong network of ethical producer, manufacturers and suppliers, Degustazione Ristoro e Dispensa ensures that every product is a true reflection of the bistro’s commitment to a new culture of food and the principle of prioritizing quality over quantity.


In addition to the in-house offerings, several external producers were invited to the event to showcase their own fermented products. The collaboration highlighted the diversity and versatility of fermentation, bringing together a wide range of flavors and textures that delighted the palates of attendees. Guests moved from table to table, sampling the unique contributions of each producer and gaining insights into the processes behind these culinary wonders and the delight of this nomad-like gourmet experience.

Overall, “D. Fermentati” was a testament to the vision of Lorenzo Castellini and his team. It displayed their commitment to reviving lost spaces, promoting local producers, and advancing a new culture of food that values sustainability, quality, and creativity. The event was a resounding success, leaving guests inspired and eager to see what future culinary adventures Degustazione Ristoro e Dispensa will offer.


For those who attended, the evening was a journey through the transformative power of fermentation — a journey that deepened their connection to the food they eat and the land it comes from. “D. Fermentati” was more than an event; it was an experience that celebrated the art of fermentation and the joy of coming together to share in the fruits of careful, passionate labor.

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