La Donna

Photography by Irene Villarroya.


Photography by Grzegorz Mikrut.

Gilded Glow

Photography by Freddy Persson.

Ca’del Bosco Sculpture Award

The first-edition of the first Italian sculpture award dedicated to large outdoor sculptures made by artists under 40 years old.

Terraforma 2023 – Recreating an Organic Music Society

The eighth edition of the experimental and sustainable music festival taken place in the suburb of Milan.

The Silk Road Paris – Connecting Fashion Between the East and the West

Story of The Silk Road Paris, the first online marketplace in Europe dedicated to sustainable South Asian fashion designer.

Into the Dries’ Garden

Dries Van Noten's Beauty Collection makes its first presence in Italy.

Nary a Sigh

Photography by Junior Angeloti.

Don’t Forget the Box

Photography by Jonas Bresnan.

The New Briko Detector: Reinterpreting a Classic

The reinvention of Briko's iconic Detector sports eyewear.

The Mercer

A destination where history and modernity intersect.

Patou x Mytheresa: Very the Parisian Feel

The exclusive capsule collection elaborates the definition of “Parisian Chic” with intricate yet durable designs.

Contemporarily Timeless

N°21 x Wolford Capsule Collection offers an intimate apparel line with contemporary aesthetics in timeless design.


Photography by Hideyuki Sakuma.

About Misayo

Photography: Diana Buenger & Maximilian Bridts

Childish Adultness

Photography by Mykola Maychyk.


Photography by Rob Oades.

I Apologize for Being Such a Disappointment

Debut Chapbook of David-Simon Dayan.

The Rhythm of Valextra

The kinetic installation in collaboration with Isabel + Helen for Salone del Mobile 2023.


Photography by Alexandre Ean.