The Winner for the First Edition of Ca' Del Bosco Sculpture Award Revealed

Leading Franciacorts winery Ca’del Bosco proudly announced the winner of its first-ever Ca’del Bosco Sculpture Award at an intimate dinner event in Venice on May 3, 2024.


Held every two years, the Ca’del Bosco Sculpture Award is the first competition in Italy for local Italian artists under the age of 40 who create large-scale outdoor sculptures. With the support from Venetian Heritage, an international non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the legacy of the Republic of Venice, the award aims at providing a platform for young talents with a vision for contemporary sculpture.


Emerging victorious from a pool of outstanding young sculptors was Irene Coppola with her work, “Handandland”, followed by Giulia Cenci’s “Crescita Secondaria” garnering the second prize and Benni Bosetto’s “Perle” snatching the third price, marking a triumphant moment for female artistic expression.


Born in Palermo in 1991, Irene Coppola has been exploring the nuanced intersections between nature and culture, employing various mediums ranging from sculpture and video to environmental installations. Her impressive track record includes participation in numerous artistic residencies and exhibitions both in Italy and abroad, as well as receiving prestigious awards that highlight her innovative approach to contemporary art.

With an extension of 18 meters and 2,7 meters height, “Handandland” is a poetic trace in neon light that will be installed on the external steps of the production area of ​​Ca del’Bosco’s winery, located on the picturesque hill of Erbusco. The cursive script of the words “hand and land” is an imitation of the tendrils, that are typical of climbing plants such as grape vines, or rather the tactile extension that allows them to support themselves and grow beyond the stem. The shape of the tendril is ubiquitous in the vineyard of Ca del’Bosco, which perfectly echoing the surrounding natural landscape.


Under the leadership of President Maurizio Zanella, Ca’ del Bosco interweaves the essence of art with its foundational spirit, aiming to forge a strong link between art and wine. The relationship between Ca’ del Bosco and the arts has been profound, dating back to the 1970s when Maurizio Zanella first recognized the deep connection between wine and artistic imagination—a magical union of nature, thought, soul, and senses. This ethos is epitomized by the iconic Solar Gate, commissioned from noted sculpture artist Arnaldo Pomodoro in 1985 and erected in 1993, which welcomes visitors into a realm where the Renaissance of Italian winemaking harmoniously coexists with a modern, technologically advanced winery and a sprawling open-air art gallery.


Ca’del Bosco Sculpture Award embodies the dual goals of reinforcing this connection and institutionalizing the existing relationship through patronage that empowers the boundless creativity and potential of the new artistic generation. With this award, Coppola not only crowned with a cash prize recognizing her creativity but also received financial support towards the actual creation of her sculpture. The inauguration of Irene Coppola’s winning artwork “Handandland” will take place in October 2024. The sculpture will be a permanent installation in the sculpture park of Ca’ del Bosco, thus becoming an integral part of the winery’s esteemed art collection.