Valextra Vocabolario

The Innovative Multi-Channel Design Project in collabora Studio Temp for Salone del Mobile 2024

Milan-based luxury leather goods brand Valextra launched an outstanding multi-channel design exposition for this year’s Milan Design Week. Titled as “Valextra Vocabolario”, the exhibition is an intriguing in-store immersive experience in collaboration with Bergamo-based Studio Temp, showcasing at the brand’s flagship store on Via Manzoni.


Valextra’s flagship store, designed by noted British architect John Pawson in 2019, was transformed into an unprecedented scene. Aluminum sheets rise from floor to ceiling, turning this minimalist haven into a maze of intersecting slabs. This brutalist intervention by Studio Temp from the street creates a bold play of abstract geometries that seamlessly integrates into the store, offering special pieces and new metallic finishes. The graphical language of the project pays tribute to Valextra’s rich history of avant-garde design collaborations.

A highlight of the initiative is the 3D-printed “Iside Onda” bag. This curvilinear and futuristic rendition of the classic trapezoidal design of the iconic Iside bag, first conceived in 2011, is crafted from a biodegradable corn-derived filament. The bag’s striated surface, a product of the pliability of its organic and renewable materials, showcases the potential of blending 3D printing technology with traditional leather-working techniques. The rigid, sculpted body is hand-painted and finished with elegant black-on-black leather and metal details, elevating the fusion of cutting-edge technology with artisanal luxury.


In occasion of this world-class design event, Valextra introduced “Valextra Assoluto,” a new unisex capsule collection made from regenerated nylon, featuring sophisticated, ergonomic designs and monochromatic metal inserts. This high-performance luxury line embodies Valextra’s dedication to progressive technology while preserving artisanal traditions. The collection includes a multi-pocket Shopper, a Fanny Pack inspired by the iconic 1968 Tric-Trac bag, and a V-draped Backpack, all designed to speak the “Valextra Vocabolario.”

Further innovating the retail experience, Valextra SPA, offers a dedicated repair and restoration service. This playful wellness center-themed installation, complete with customized workstations next to a futuristic sauna clad in aluminum, reflects the brand’s commitment to extending the life cycle of its products.


As part of MiArt and Salone del Mobile, Valextra proudly integrates itself among Milan’s most renowned icons with a bold display across the entire facade of La Rinascente. Each of the eight arched windows features a large gray letter from the brand’s name, with eye-level slits revealing Valextra products within a dramatically lit setup. On the first floor, the men’s luxury department hosts a pop-up of Valextra Vocabolario, echoing the angular structures and logo carpet of the Via Manzoni installation.


This temporary setup complements the permanent female Valextra section at La Rinascente, ensuring the brand’s innovative and traditional crafts remain a significant part of Milan’s luxury landscape.

Text: Anna Kovaleva