Valextra Vocabolario

Valextra Vocabolario

The Innovative Multi-Channel Design Project in collabora Studio Temp for Salone del Mobile 2024

Milan-based luxury leather goods brand Valextra launched an outstanding multi-channel design exposition for this year’s Milan Design Week. Titled as “Valextra Vocabolario”, the exhibition is an intriguing in-store immersive experience in collaboration with Bergamo-based Studio Temp, showcasing at the brand’s flagship store on Via Manzoni.


Valextra’s flagship store, designed by noted British architect John Pawson in 2019, was transformed into an unprecedented scene. Aluminum sheets rise from floor to ceiling, turning this minimalist haven into a maze of intersecting slabs. This brutalist intervention by Studio Temp from the street creates a bold play of abstract geometries that seamlessly integrates into the store, offering special pieces and new metallic finishes. The graphical language of the project pays tribute to Valextra’s rich history of avant-garde design collaborations.

A highlight of the initiative is the 3D-printed “Iside Onda” bag. This curvilinear and futuristic rendition of the classic trapezoidal design of the iconic Iside bag, first conceived in 2011, is crafted from a biodegradable corn-derived filament. The bag’s striated surface, a product of the pliability of its organic and renewable materials, showcases the potential of blending 3D printing technology with traditional leather-working techniques. The rigid, sculpted body is hand-painted and finished with elegant black-on-black leather and metal details, elevating the fusion of cutting-edge technology with artisanal luxury.


In occasion of this world-class design event, Valextra introduced “Valextra Assoluto,” a new unisex capsule collection made from regenerated nylon, featuring sophisticated, ergonomic designs and monochromatic metal inserts. This high-performance luxury line embodies Valextra’s dedication to progressive technology while preserving artisanal traditions. The collection includes a multi-pocket Shopper, a Fanny Pack inspired by the iconic 1968 Tric-Trac bag, and a V-draped Backpack, all designed to speak the “Valextra Vocabolario.”

Further innovating the retail experience, Valextra SPA, offers a dedicated repair and restoration service. This playful wellness center-themed installation, complete with customized workstations next to a futuristic sauna clad in aluminum, reflects the brand’s commitment to extending the life cycle of its products.


As part of MiArt and Salone del Mobile, Valextra proudly integrates itself among Milan’s most renowned icons with a bold display across the entire facade of La Rinascente. Each of the eight arched windows features a large gray letter from the brand’s name, with eye-level slits revealing Valextra products within a dramatically lit setup. On the first floor, the men’s luxury department hosts a pop-up of Valextra Vocabolario, echoing the angular structures and logo carpet of the Via Manzoni installation.


This temporary setup complements the permanent female Valextra section at La Rinascente, ensuring the brand’s innovative and traditional crafts remain a significant part of Milan’s luxury landscape.

Text: Anna Kovaleva

Eternally Modern: COS Unveils Groundbreaking Fashion Show in Rome

Unprecedentedly, London-based fashion brand COS took over the historic Corsie Sistine in Rome, for its first ever runway show in this eternal city. Dating back to the 15th century, Corsie Sistine was Europe’s oldest hospital. Inaugurated after a two-year conservation, thanks to Roman’s local health organization ASL Roma 1, the newly-restored monument is an authentic blend of pristine historical architecture and contemporary design. Featuring a modern structure crafted from recycled voile that creates a striking contrast to the ancient walls, the new Corsie Sistine is undoubtedly an ideal venue for COS’ Spring/Summer 2024 show.


Abbreviation of “Collection of Style”, COS epitomizes the contemporary minimalistic style with a focus on sustainability, innovation and craftsmanship. Not mere a display of style, the COS Spring/Summer 2024 is also a showcase of the brand’s endeavor in their values. Introducing simultaneously its Spring/Summer 2024 Mainline and Atelier collections, the 33 sophisticated looks embody the brand’s clean and cozy aura. The looks were relished by the 13,000 square meters of frescoes in the backdrop, emphasizing the enthralling merge of past and future. With legendary Italian supermodel Mariacarla Boscono elegantly closing the show, the pure excellence of COS’ aesthetics and craftsmanship climaxed.

Standing out with its exquisite fabrics use and meticulous attention to detail. The looks from the latest collection were marked by hand-pleated shoulder details, fishtail skirts, and flowing maxi volume. Tailoring and knitwear were redefined with extended hybrid sleeves and folded lapels, showcasing technical experimentation in cutting and texture. Leather jackets, ballet flats, and loafers highlighted the materials’ textures, while wide-leg pleated trousers featured hand-painted hems, adding depth and movement.


The collection also experimented with the materiality of light, exploring how chromatic effects can be achieved on translucent fabrics. Bold red tones on a neutral palette of steel blue, black, white, and sand rendered a beautiful and dramatic contrast.


Seamlessly mixed traditional craftsmanship with modern principles, COS reaffirming its commitment to timeless taste and uncompromised quality. The use of sustainable materials, including recycled components and paper yarns certified by the Responsible Wool Standard, emphasized the brand’s dedication to sustainability.


A selection of the runway collection is immediately available at COS boutiques and on, with more models to be released throughout the season. The Atelier line will be available from April, offering timeless elegance and craftsmanship both in stores and online.

COS Spring/Summer 2024 Atelier Collection Campaign

Remastering a Legacy: Saint Laurent Rive Droite Presents Gio Ponti - Villa Planchart Exhibition

Remastering a Legacy

Saint Laurent Rive Droite Presents Gio Ponti x Villa Planchart Exhibtion at Salone del Mobile 2024

For this year’s Salone di Mobile, Saint Laurent’s new cultural destination and creative retail Saint Laurent Rive Droite teamed up with the Gio Ponti Archives and the Fundación Anala y Armando Planchart on an exclusive collaboration. Situated in Brera, Milan’s artistic and cultural neighborhood, the exhibition showccases an impressive collection of porcelain plates curated by Saint Laurent’s creative director Anthony Vaccarello.


Hidden in the heart of Milan, the exhibition takes place in a serene and solemn 16th century ancient cloister, Chiostri di San Simpliciano. Amid the excitement of Milan Design Week, the exhibition is a tranquil stage where the tradition and modernity encounter. Hand in hand with historic Italian porcelain house Ginori 1735, Saint Laurent Rive Droite presents 12 original plates, reissued from Villa Planchart Segnaposto collection designed by the legendary Italian architect Gio Ponti in 1957. Hand painted in Ginori 1735’s Italian Manifattura, the plates are the culmination of artisanal heritage and luxury excellence, and a tribute to Italian design and craftsmanship.


The story of the plates dated back to 1953, when successful Venezuelan automobile dealer Amrando Planchart and his wife Anala reached out to notable Italian architect Gio Ponti on a special commission. As avid lovers of art and culture, the couple invited Gio Ponti to build an avant-garde villa on the highest hill of Caracas, Venezuela. Named as Villa Planchart, the residence was designed as a “light and graceful butterfly nestled on a hill”. Filled with creative inventions and bright and vivacious colors, the villa overlooks magnificent panoramic views of Caracas, perfectly fulfilled the Plancharts’ vision to modernity.

To finalize the interior decoration of the villa, Gio Ponti invited outstanding Italian artisans with traditional expertise. Among them was the Florentine porcelain manufacturer Ginori 1735, of which he had previously worked an artistic director. He designed a set of porcelain tableware, each piece a testament to his deft combination of functionality and artistry. Decorated with the symbols and motifs of the villa, the plates demonstrated Gio Ponti’s artistic flair and eye for detail. The Sun, the Crescent Moon, the Polar Star and magnificent iterations of the letter “A” – an homage to Anala and Armando, these elements elegantly presented a harmonious balance of color and form, evoking the villa’s altitudinal elevation and natural surroundings.


Not mere a homage to Gio Ponti’s legacy, the exhibition is a showcase of the finest Italian craftsmanship and design, as well as Saint Laurent’s exceptional taste and aesthetics. Open to public from April 16th to 21st, the Gio Ponti – Villa Planchart exhibition will be on view at Milan’s Chiostri Di San Simpliciano, coinciding with the Salone del Mobile 2024.


For those interested in owning the reissued Gio Ponti plates, they can find them accessible only on, at Saint Laurent Rive Droite Los Angeles, Saint Laurent Babylone in Paris and, for a limited time and by appointment, at Saint Laurent’s Milan flagship on Via Montenapoleone during Milan Design Week.

From Twilight to Starlight: Courrèges x Mytheresa’s Modern Wardrobe Proposal

From Twilight

to Starlight

Courrèges x Mytheresa’s Modern Wardrobe Proposal

Space Age fashion representative Courrèges has launched a capsule collection in collaborations with pioneering online luxury retailer Mytheresa. Featuring a total of 17 pieces, the exclusive collection highlights a monochromatic palette that combines Courrèges’ signature futuristic aesthetic with a contemporary sensibility, embodying the timeless elegance of Parisian fashion.


Once a synonym of futuristic, Courrèges projected the people’s desire for space exploration and unknown future at that time. As one of the coolest brands in 1960s, Courrèges took the Parisian fashion scene by storm with its simple and cutting-edge visual image, industrialist design and optimistic sporty style. Sending models down the runway with mini skirt, pants, goggles and helmets, Courrèges’ avant-garde concept and full-of-personality design approach revamped the fashion trend of post-war era. In those turbulent years when fashion people in Paris were in pursuit of extremely vanity and gorgeousness, Courrèges’ bold proposition of dressing women in super short mini skirt and trouser that have traditionally been part of the male wardrobe was undoubtedly revolutionary, pinnacling the brand onto the top of Paris fashion hot list before it went silent.

Since 2020, Belgium designer Nicolas Di Felice was appointed as the newest artistic director of this forgotten fashion house. Under the helm of this energetic young man, the magical revival started. Influenced by the rave culture, he infused a clear, modern vision to Courrèges’ notable cutting-edge design. He stayed true to the clean lines and silhouettes for which the fashion house is famous, incorporating them with new materials and fabrics in order to focus on quality and innovation. The rejuvenation came with great success, gaining huge visibility worldwide. Courrèges once again returned to the public eye.


Seeing its endless potential, Mytheresa teamed up with Courrèges for this exclusive capsule collection. Curated by Nicolas Di Felice, the collection combines Courrèges’ iconic heritage with the dynamic rhythm of today’s fashion world. Designed for modern women in any occasion, the collection offers versatility to their everyday wardrobe. Extending seamlessly from daily casualwear to sophisticated dinners then to the energetic dance floor, the capsule epitomizes the transition of fashion clothing from daytime to nighttime.

Lensed by photographer Jorin Koers and featured by model Ren Qing, the campaign visualizes Nicolas’ vision with an immersive environment of nearly heavenly purity, conveying an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication. Selling exclusively and globally on from April 3rd, 2024, the Courrèges x Mytheresa capsule collection takes us back to the iconic Space Age with contemporary appeal and a dose of nostalgia.

Text: Yves Tsou

Yevonde Girls Reimagined: Miu Miu’s New Campaign Is an Ode to Powerful Feminity

Yevonde Girl Reimagined

Miu Miu’s New Campaign Is an Ode to Powerful Feminity

Established in 1993 by Miuccia Prada, granddaughter of Prada’s founder Mario Prada, Miu Miu is the most unrestrained portrayal of Miuccia Prada’s creativity and very embodiment of modern Milanese style. Born with a younger spirit, the brand is meant to challenge the definition of traditional aesthetics while emancipating the woman’s conscious. The Miu Miu girl became a symbol of innocence and playfulness. Their style highlights the naive yet extraordinary forms of the fashion house’s designs, demonstrating the most rebellious and provocative core of contemporary femininity.


As a trendsetter and one of the most beloved brand amongst stylists nowadays, Miu Miu launches a new campaign for its iconic Arcadie and Wander bags, celebrating the emblematic matelassé elegance in newest hues. Under the creative direction of Edward Quarmby and the styling of Lotta Volkova, photographer Steven Miesel uses his tender but powerful camera language to demonstrate modern femininity. Interpreted by supermodel Gigi Hadid, the image of immortalized Yevonde ladies in the 1930s comes into sight, transforming into a modern Miu Miu girl vividly.

The campaign takes inspiration from the works of Yevonde, the famous British photographer who made a pioneering revolution in coloured portrait photography. As a beacon of female freedom and independence, she was actively involved in feminism and women’s suffrage movements. Yevonde started working as a photographer at the age of 21, at a time when female professions were limited. Throughout her career, she manifested a confident tone of voice in her beliefs. By signing her works with her own name instead of using a men-like or gender neutral pseudonym, she blatantly underlined her female identity. Back in 1920s, it was uncommon for women to have their own career and creative personalisation. Despite all the odds in the societal aspects that went against her, Yevonde assumed her place in artistic photography by her well-thought colour palette and surrealistic silhouette of human being, objects, flowers and foliage and clothes that are united in a utopian composition. Through the lens of Steven Meisel, the distinctive style of Yevonde and the meaningful messages about feminism behind her work coincide with Miu Miu’s DNA, colliding into an unforgettably beautiful and powerful fashion campaign.


Launched internationally on April 8th 2024, the new Miu Miu Arcadie and Wander bag campaign is an authentic and colorful ode to Miu Miu’s perfection in unconventionally feminine design and youthful creativity that transcend boundaries. On top of the classic cognac and caramel color, the new Arcadie and Wander bags are available also in the new color of the season: bright orange and soleil yellow, ready to glow up your spring wardrobe in vivacious tints

Maison Kitsuné x K-Way: Balancing Parisian Sophistication and Urban Functionality

Paris-based lifestyle and fashion label Maison Kitsuné lands in a landmark collaboration with French-Italian performance sportswear brand K-Way, merged their respective styles into a collection that embodies both elegance and practicality. Balancing aesthetic appeal and fundamental functionality, the capsule collection reinterprets K-Way’s iconic Léon and Claude windbreakers in Café Kitsuné’s inspired distinctive blue and yellow color palette, adding a layer of Parisian sophistication to the utilitarian flair.


Enriched with harmonious hue and sharp contrast, the collection taking cues from Paris’ versatile fashion style. Relaxed and at ease, the vivacious Parisian narrative runs through the entire capsule. A tincture of rebelliousness is added to the predominantly monochromatic design. By applying the unconventional Scottish tartan pattern, the collection infuses a graphic playfulness that creates unforgettable visual impact. The meticulously crafted cuts and tailoring is another highlight. The structured silhouette doesn’t hinder the wearer’s freedom of movement, providing comfort while maintaining fashionable.

The reimagined logos of this special collaboration is also noteworthy. Linked by the alphabet “K”, K-Way’s ever-present K logo is flanked by the lively and adorable fox symbol of Maison Kitsuné in one version of the logo, while subtly replace the “K” in Maison Kitsuné in another version of the logo.


Under the artistic direction of photographer Basile Bertrand, the campaign of the Maison Kitsuné and K-Way capsule collection brings to life a dynamic Parisian tale. Embodying the concept of “Paris by bike,” lovers chase each other on the cobbled streets, exploring the city’s historic monuments and romantic corners, showcasing a refined urban and neo-nomadic lifestyle.


This Maison Kitsuné and K-Way collaboration stands as an ideal choice of blending style and functionality seamlessly into the urban landscape. It is crafted for the discerning fashion and sport lovers for their favorite activities regardless of the weather conditions.

Chanel’s Haute Couture Director Christelle Kocher Joins in Jelenew: Redefining Athletic Couture

Avant-garde, visionary and somehow traditional is the style of the designer Christelle Kocher. Her talent resides in her ability to honor the past by preserving the heritage, while looking at the future by adapting to the needs and applying new techniques.


After graduating from Central Saint Martins, Kocher embarked on a journey through prestigious fashion houses such as Bottega Veneta, Dries Van Noten, Chloé, and Martine Sitbon, where she learned the art and craft of a creator and a couturier. Her modern spirit found expression in Koché, a fashion label she launched in 2015. Koché defies conventions, blending styles and celebrating the richness of human creativity, a clear declaration of freedom and self-expression.

Her interest in craftsmanship and tradition took her to elevate her career into the realms of haute couture. In 2010, she became the Artistic Director at Maison Lemarié, a revered institution part of Chanel Métier d’Art, distinguished by its know-how and finesse. Maison Lemarié stands as one of the last bastions of plumassiers and florists worldwide. At the heart of Maison Lemarié, lies a love for technical precision, a passion for heritage, and the pride of bringing to life exquisite designs. Kocher’s work at Lemarié aims at modernizing ancient techniques while preserving their timeless essence.


In 2019, Kocher’s visionary work was recognized as she clinched the Andam Grand Prix, a testament to her unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of fashion.


With Christelle Kocher, traditional fashion becomes avant-garde, and classic becomes innovative. This is evidenced by her collaborations within the sportswear industry. With PUMA, Nike, AC Milan and Paris Saint-Germain, Christelle Kocher created a wardrobe aimed at empowering women in sports and driving them to embrace athleticism and strength. With energetic yet poetic designs, Kocher’s creations encapsulated the beauty, precision, and subtle irreverence that define her aesthetics.

Jelenew brand was co-founded by legendary French rider Marion Clignet, a six-time UCI trophy in the championship worldwide. The brand is committed to provide comfortable and reliable equipment for female athletes and enthusiasts of racing sports. Compared with the popularity of flexibility sports and indoor training, racing sports, a game full of speed adventure and pursuit, is a sports system with an obvious maletag label, and the attention to women has been even shallower. Until the past five years, gradually having the womens racing events, and the organizations slowly begin to appear. Jelenew grew up in women’s racing, a desert full of exotic flowers of feminist . It constantly challenges the limits of craftsmanship and breaks through the design barriers of elastic fabrics and functional fabrics. Each piece of clothing forms a beautiful and warm place. The unique three-dimensional space of temperature-control, muscle-protection and comfort gives female athletes the greatest sense of security and supports them to complete their feathering again and again through outdoors, towards the mountains and forests, between rivers and castles.


With the addition of Christelle Kocher and her team, JELENEW has further developed a super engine, with Chanel’s high-end craftsmanship concepts and techniques, and tried to satisfy the aesthetic demands of female cycling enthusiasts to the greatest extent. Christelle Kocher developed invisible princess line, triple edged pleated ruffles and pleated sewing overlock. This is the latest venture into the sportswear, a journey into the realms of cycling, the beauty of Africa, the pursuit of freedom, and the eternal feminine urge to question one’s existence. Jelenew, a brand renowned for its commitment to empowering women through cycling, and Christelle Kocher unveil a collaboration that delves deep into concepts of independence, creating a wardrobe that is avant-garde and stylish, while performant and innovative.

Drawing inspiration from the memoir “West with the Night” by Beryl Markham, this collaboration transcends conventional boundaries, offering a narrative that resonates with the complexities of feminine identity and the pursuit of liberation. Christelle Kocher infuses her avant-garde aesthetic into the collaboration, where each garment reflects the fusion of athleticism and elegance.


With the Jelenew x Christelle Kocher collaboration, two worlds merge to create a new universeone that embodies the spirit of adventure with the values of craftsmanship. The collection promises to transcend limitations and navigate a unique journey of design, merging high quality with technical prowess, craftsmanship, and avant-garde creation.

Photography: Tian Ye (@tianandye)

Fashion: Cora Zou (@corazrd)

Make Up: Lili Weng (@lili_bono), Shiyu Liu (@baiwanliu)

Production: Xlombra Culture Media

Executive Production: Elain Zhang, Eunice Wang (@diu_diuni)

Photography Assistant: Wang Jun

Production Assistant: Euphemia Shi (@sonoxannie)

Models: Natalia (@nataliahamu), Maryna (@koval_marinaa)

Text: Carolina Benjumea (@carobenjumea_)

Where Artistry and Creativity Converge

Situated in the elegant and affluent 7th arrondissment, at 9 rue Grenelle, Saint Laurent Babylone is a novel artistic and literary destination opening in the heart of Paris’ culturally sophisticated rive gauche. Close to rue Babylone, where Yves Saint Laurent and his lifetime partner Pierre Bergé moved to in 1970, the name refers to the historic connection and emotional attachment that the fashion house’s founder shared with the Sèvres-Babylone neighborhood.

As an extension of Saint Laurent Rive Droite, Saint Laurent Babylone is a unique collection focusing on creativity and culture. Conceived by Saint Laurent’s creative director Anthony Vaccarello, Saint Laurent Babylone is a realm where art, culture, and expression intersect. More than a mere bookstore, Babylone emerges as a cultural hub, hosting an eclectic mix of books, art, and music, alongside cultural events ranging from DJ sessions to book signings. Each item, curated by Anthony Vaccarello, reflects Saint Laurent’s rich heritage and innovative future. From rare finds, out-of-print publications to Saint Laurent Rive Droite Editions and beyond, Saint Laurent Babylone sees the expansion of Saint Laurent’s creative horizon.


With his immense knowledge and manifold interests in different sectors in culture and design, Anthony Vaccarello incessantly envisions new ways of expanding the Saint Laurent’s universe while maintaining the brand’s distinctive DNA. Saint Laurent Babylone is the best practice of how Saint Laurent enriches the Parisian culture scene, inviting artistic innovators to connect, share, and inspire. The opening of Saint Laurent Banylone will undoubtedly continue Saint Laurent’s longstanding legacy as a beacon to creativity and artistry.

i need to live - Juergen Teller's Exhibition Sponsored by Saint Laurent

Known for his humorous storytelling, intriguing subject matters and bald camera language, German fashion and fine art photographer Juergen Teller amazed the world with his borderline sensational images. Exuding a raw emotion and candid intimacy, Teller’s somehow rebellious but elegant aesthetics pinnacles him as one of the most iconic and internationally-acclaimed photographers in the fashion industry. Started his creativity career from late 1980s, he has collaborated with many a-list artists, celebrities, top models and major fashion houses, inspiring a generation of fashion personalities.


After the success of his exhibition “i need to live” at Paris’ Grand Palais Éphémère, the exhibition traveled to Italy’s fashion capital for another few months of stays. Inaugurated on January 27th, 2024, the exhibition will be held at Milan’s Triennale Milano until April 1st, 2024, presenting the and spellbinding visual impact collected from Juergen Teller’s expansive repertoire first-handed.

As an official sponsor of the exhibition, Saint Laurent supports Juergen Teller on the compilation of many of his memorable and recognizable works. Both personal and commissioned, the exhibition retrospects to Teller’s over 30 years of career, as well as showcases his latest unforeseen creation – especially the joint projects with his wife and creative partner, Lithuanian artist Dovile Drizyte. These grotesquely intriguing images reflect manifold aspect of relationship, sharing a glimpse of intriguing creativity life, their family fragments and the masterfully reinterpretation of Teller’s iconic artworks with their newborn daughter.


The iconic Saint Laurent by Anthony Vacarello’s SS19 campaign shot by Juergen Teller is also presented in the exhibition. Featuring top model Freja Beha Erichsen, Abbey Lee, Julia Nobis and Mica Arganaraz, the campaign unfolds in a beautiful Lombardian villa by Lake Como. Backdropped the poetic waterfront view, the unsaturated color of the images accentuates the elegance in the sexy collection


In conjunction with the exhibition, Saint Laurent Rive Droite launched a unique lifestyle collection created by Anthony Vaccarello and Juergen Teller. Conceptualized by Anthony Vaccarello, Saint Laurent Rive Droite presents a wide range of products focusing on creativity and culture. The lifestyle collection, including homeware, decorative objects, clothing, accessories and vinyls, is now available on Each one with a photograph of the Juergen Teller, the collection brings a piece of the exhibition into everyday life.