Phoenix Rising

Bohan Phoenix is an Chinese-American born musician that has been gaining traction in the Chinese Hip-Hop community, as well as the American market.


Bohan has a unique approach to his music – he blends Chinese culture with American Hip-Hop and connects the two cultures through his tasteful ear and impressive thought process.


Photographer Bryan Tormey and Bohan Phoenix took a trip from NYC to LA while listening, creating, and processing Bohan’s album and drawing connections their land shares with the Chinese way of life.


To their amazement – they found themselves immersed in Native Navajo land when arriving out west in America and stunned by their findings. The Native American culture was closely tied to Chinese life by way of Serbia and down through the Americas. They began learning about these close connections and found amazing people and stories along the way.


“Phoenix Rising” reflects their journey and findings of Native Navajo culture and their close ties to American-Chinese culture and how close they all are as a people. The story embodies the path Bohan has been creating, drawing parallels between American culture and his native Chinese background, with the hope to prosper despite our failures and rise from catastrophe – stronger, smarter and more powerful than ever.

Photography: Bryan Tormey (@bryantormey)

Talent: Bohan Pheonix (@bohanphoenix)

#WritersRoadmapxValentino - Your Dream is a Word Away


Your Dream is a Word Away

In turbulent times, such as those we live in, culture represents a safe place, a bulwark with no borders, as well as a space for escape.


Words are messages, connections and creation of meaning. Their immense power can lead us to reality; their previous weight can make us dream. If “verba volant, scripta manent” is true, the future – in order to be better – will need well-written words, rather than just beautiful words.

Photo courtesy of C.J. Hamilton

Tomi Adeyemi in VALENTINO, March 1st 2020, Paris

In the wake of this idea, Valentino continues its initiatives in support of art and culture, launching the ‘The Writer’s Roadmap’ project. Fifty international aspiring authors-to-be students will be supported in their training through a series of creative workshops chaired by the American-Nigerian writer Tomi Adeyemi, friend of the Maison Valentino, winner of the Hugo and Nebula awards and member of TIME 100 authors. The students were selected after they shared a post on their Instagram accounts explaining their backgrounds, their passion and why they would like to be a part of the course. Submissions have been collected and accepted through December 2, 2020 and the winners were announced on the following day December 3rd.


After graduating at Harvard University with a degree in English literature, Tomi Adeyemi continued her studies in Salvador, focusing on West African mythology, religion and culture. Her career soared in 2018, when her first novel ‘Children of Blood and Bone’ landed the top of The New York Times bestsellers’ list. A fantasy book aimed at an audience of young adults, ‘Children of Blood and Bone’ is able to capture readers with a classic tòpoi of the genre like magic, and at the same time surprise them with more real, explicit and sometimes violent traits. Disney and Lucasfilm confirmed the start of production of a film adaptation of the book. 

Photo courtesy of Erynne Hundley

Proper training is essential for a talent to flourish. For this reason, the writing classes are focused on organizing the creative process of each student, on the acquisition of tips and tricks directly provided by Tomi, and in general on encouraging them to pursue their dream of becoming authors. 

#WritersRoadmapxValentino is the hashtag used to launch the initiative on social media. It has been made possible thanks to scholarships granted to selected participants, supported by Valentino. 

The Italian House Valentino has always been committed to developing talents and promoting cultural diversity. Like never before, we need to rediscover a sense of belonging and to create an active community that benefits everyone. And this creative writing project represents a small step in defining a new standard for the education of the future. 

Whether it’s a fantasy story, an intimate novel or simple thoughts written down by hand in a notebook illuminated by the warm light of a bedroom, this initiative promoted by Valentino and led by Tomi Adeyemi guarantees concrete help in making what today is still perceived as a dream into reality: to live by writing.

Photos courtesy of Laine Yuhas

Video courtesy of Shabel Castro

Video courtesy of Laine Yuhas

Text: Mattia Cantoni

Boys of Summer


Photography by Alexander Yantyushev

Photography: Alexander Yantyushev (@yantyushev)

Models: Zhenya (@shein_yeah), Vova (@vovahod), Vlad (@daaaaaalv), Roma (@rmn_kky), Dima (@holidayyzz), Gleb (@xclllusive), Ivan (@ivancenter), Svyat (@holyy_saiint), Artyom (@zakharov4492), Nikita (@nikitarudykh_), Tolya (@anatoly_is_one), Ilya (@ilyafrukttt), Pasha (@acid_pavel), Andrey (@hey.akutin), Sasha (@cherryonyourlips), Kostya (@kostya_buch)

Red Moon

Photography duo Arturo Bamboo release their third publication ‘RED MOON’. The images are a collection of blurry landscapes, silhouettes and vague abstracts all drenched in a mysterious red and black, photographed over the summer of 2020.

RED MOON acts as a personal album of dream-like memories and feels like something between an utopia and a dystopia. The publication was shot on a reverse-rolled color negative film to emphasise the raw beauty of the subjects – staring at the images shows details which are at first hidden for the eye.

Red is the color of fire and blood, it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. Red is a very emotionally intense color. It enhances human metabolism, increases respiration rate, and raises blood pressure.

The Moon is a gravity rounded astronomical body of planetary-mass, rocky silicate composition and without significant atmosphere, hydrosphere or magnetic field. It is orbiting the planet Earth of the inner Solar System, as Earth’s only natural satellite. Its surface gravity is about a sixth of Earth’s with 0.1654 g.

Photography by Arturo Bamboo (@arturobamboo)

Yoga Studios Are the New Country Club

The concept of French Touch is the representation of Nothing, of a turbo-capitalist and completely postmodern society. Everything is based on removing the meaning of the term French Touch, no longer understood as a musical genre, but as a lifestyle, as the essence of a country that has always held The Coolness, but which is often this excessive attention to lifestyle to remove consistency from reality. The clue of this concept is expressed by Yoga, the coolest sport for body and soul.


As The Point Magazine said: “Yoga speaks to something innately excitable in the European cultural imagination: the seductive idea that you can improve yourself in the interest of all humanity. Stretch your legs, stretch your soul. It’s cosmopolitan egotism: build a better you, build a better planet. “

Photography: Camilla Rocca (@penflont)
Styling: Lodovica Pagano (@paninowithtacchino), Aurora Manni (@aurorarossamanni)

Make-up: Camilla Iacobitti (@c.m.ll)
Hair styling: Clara Spadoni (@clarasp_makeup)

Models: Yaz Yücel (@yazyuceil), Michela Lamorgese (@michi_lamo), Diletta Bellotti (@dilettabellotti), Milana Vakarchuk (@milanavakarchuk), Iva Varvachuk (@unpesos), Madeleine Bex (@madoooshkka), Tomàs Ayerbe (@tom.ayerbe), Julius Westra (@julius.westra), Alessio Hong (@hlessio)

Mark Ceiling/European Vampire (@markceiling)
Lorenzo Sutto/European Vampire (@redbrickhead)
Production by European Vampire (@european_vampire)


Like a shark lurking on the ground, dashing and striking, the new Loubishark sneaker from the iconic French footwear maison Christian Louboutin is for sure this season’s sneaker-to-watch. Designed for the urban playground, the Loubishark is a combination of sartorial excellence, technical innovations and the reinterpretation of quintessential vintage design. Designer pays close attention to details, rendering the maximum comfort and greater flexibility to all urban playground goers; availing them to execute all sorts of extreme sportive movements – to jump, to run or to skate, while getting their feet well-protected.

Sleek, streamlining and fashion-forward, Christian Louboutin’s latest Loubishark sneaker amalgamates the Maison’s refined technical savior-faire and innate trendsetting design flair with certain chic and trendy street style inspiration. Mixing materials and colors, the Maison crafts Loubishark’s hi-tech upper part from a total of 13 different components, including suede leather panels, rubber and mesh giving it a modern sports-inflected feel. A contrasting rubber lattice mesh encircles the heel, paying tribute to the architecture of the Maison’s Galerie Véro-Dodat boutique in Paris. Finalizing the upper design as an ingenuity touch, two signature spike studs embellish the hell tab quintessentially represent the timeless Louboutin appeal.

What makes the sneaker so unique and stand out is the eye-catching and unmistakable chunky technical sole. The optic white saw-tooth silhouette sole piped with shocking red edge perfectly emulate the shark’s teeth, the visual impact that Loubishark reinforce strengthen the sneaker’s visual identity while reminding us the Maison’s signature spikes and iconic red bottom sole. Suitable for all style-makers and trendsetters, Loubishark’s bold and appealing style will for sure be the covetable star that snatches instant eyesight on the dazzling and overwhelming urban playground.

Text: Yves Tsou

Summer Postcard from Home

Summer Postcard From Home gives you the feeling of disappearing from the pandemic. Even if only for a minute, you enter a vacation villa in the South of France, your own private hideaway. You find safety and tranquility in a digital haven during a time of global panic and unpredictability. The home’s idyllic interior is full of personal objects, art and craft that dance and conjure up childhood memories, reminiscent of summer and joyfulness. The nostalgic daydreams are a comforting and heartening reminder that even when faced with uncertainty, it is possible to find solace and peace of mind.

Director: Simone Lorusso (@simone_lorusso)
3D Artist & Interior Designer: Anna Broeng (@annabroeng)
3D Visualizator & Animator: Mercedes Luna Larrahona (@merlarrahona)
Music & Sound Design: Giorgio Berti

Dark Eros

“Last January I went to see an art performance of an Ukrainian girl, here in Poland. She had to leave Her country due to political reasons. I was simply blown away by Her storytelling and fashion skills, with an absolute, fresh approach of it all.

Soon I decided to style and art direct Her first campaign. It’s something in between fairytale meeting baroque orgy. Our models are refugees, LGBT groups, artists and performers.The editorial and the video are our fetish dream. Dream of living in a country where we can speak and fantasize sex freely. Where we are all equal for no matter what sex and color. 

Both Ukraine and Poland are going through rough times. We’re being censored, ruled by extremists who are willing to sacrifice its people over the totalitarian influence. It’s so important for us to be seen. And heard. As Anja Rubik promotes sexual education, here, from over 2 years now, we fight for the right to create the important.” 

Following the prologue of Charlotte Tomaszewska, the art & creative director of the project; our editor Yves Tsou of CAP 74024 taps into the backstory and conducts an interview with the girl behind Atelier Planeta, for a deeper understanding on her inspiration, creation and Her thoughts about the current prevalent anti-LGBT political situation in Poland.

What’s your initiation on creating Atelier Planeta?

I could not find the lingerie that I wanted to wear. It neither described me in a way I am nor reflected my sexuality and femininity. So, I decided to сreate a space which will represent my art works, performance practices and passion of fashion. Our planet consist of numerous elements. Same with Planeta, I could be any at different times. I can create an intimate costume, an art piece, arrange a special dinner, set the right mood and comfortable atmosphere for my guests. Planeta’s mission is to help open your mind and soul by using different tools and switching between variety of visual forms.

What’s the inspiration to your fashion and performance art creation?

Bulgakov had a great influence on me. In his book <The Master and Margarita>, he describes a scene at a Satan’s ball. “The men in tailcoat and the women naked. Margarita puts on golden-clasped slippers and diamond crown. Her body douses in blood and rose oil; The incoming guests are greeting Margarita by kissing her knee.” The image of Margarita remained in my head for a long time, I wanted to create this heavy, metal costume she has to wear. I love details and small things. Sometimes just one sentence make me feel creating a piece “them to kiss your knee”. I am also inspired by magic, ceremonies and rituals. Doing performance is like creating a pleasure palace. Choosing the right flower essence, preparing love potions, creating healing power of sex and love.

Do you have any sexual fantasies or fetishes; do they project on your work?

Oh God, yes! I have! There is a saying in Ukraine “Tell me who your friend is and i will tell you who you are”. Instead of words and explanations I show everything through my art. So look carefully and tell me what I like. ❤


What’s the most fascinating part about human bodies, eroticism, fetishes and physical practices?

More recently, I realized that the most fascinating part of the concepts above is having a lover – a partner on the path – is truly one of the life’s great blessing. Celebrate love and celebrate life together.

Do your previous sexual experiences, regardless of who you were with, also affect or inspire your work?

Any experience affects a person’s development and their choices. Consciously or unconsciously. I am a very sensitive person, take everything to heart. So it’s very easy to influence me or marking my soul forever. During artistic practices I’m working with memories a lot. The idea of observing, analyzing and transforming one memory into art piece makes me feel powerful. It’s a kind of therapy, natural treatment for my body and soul, emotional balance based on self care program.


What is sexual freedom to you?

Sex is an extraordinary form of communication. Sexual freedom is losing yourself and finding yourself all at once. This is a practice of making love as if it were a sacred adventure. Not just between two people. Treat your body as a temple. Discover new paths of sexual miracles.

What’s your opinion towards Polish and Ukrainian youth nowadays in terms of their openness in sex and sexuality?

By observing people in Poland and Ukraine I draw my own conclusions that youth are quite open to talk about sexuality and eroticism. But there is a lot of uncertainty, doubt, and fear in their eyes. I see this fear everywhere, in a subway, in a restaurant, on the street. People are afraid to look into each other’s eyes, afraid to smile, afraid to say complements, afraid to look happy and carefree. They are afraid of what the neighbors will think if they find out something “weird” about them. It makes me tired and disappointed but in the same time brings something

Just as in many countries, the equality of sexuality is painstaking; clashes between people from different opinions are inevitable. We’ve seen many protests on the streets of Poland in the past few weeks; regardless the assemblies are anti or pro sexuality equality. It can be regarded as a progression of the society. What’s your idea about it?

Poland is deeply divided now. While the opposition lost this presidential election, 49 percent of the population voted against the newly elected president Andzrej Duda. At the same time, the LGBT movement is far more engaged and active than it was two decades ago. Majority in Poland support legal recognition of same-sex couples. This gives me a hope that society is changing and transforming which is a good sign. However, more time is needed in order to connect the majority.

Corresponding to the previous question, what’s your prospect to the Polish (and Ukrainian) society in terms of this issue in the near future?

I believe that Poland and Ukraine need a sexual revolution. The moral and cultural world has been transformed by the sexual revolution. That requires the leadership of revolutionaries, ready to transform those ideas into a platform for moral transformation. A single individual cannot accomplish a moral revolution, but such revolutions cannot happen without individuals who are willing to make their arguments in public, push them with energy over decades, and never sound retreat. I think that such an explosion should happen soon.

Photography: Łukasz Kuś (@lukasz_kus)

Art & Creative Direction: Charlotte Tomaszewska (@charlottetomas)

Styling: Charlotte Tomaszewska, Planeta (@atelierplaneta)

Make-up: Łucja Siwek (@siwekmakeup)

Hair: Staś Sirchenko (@_stanislavko), Olga Sulipa (@sulipka)

Graphic Design & Collage: Małgorzata Pawlak (@malgopawlak)


Video Direction & Editing: Grajper (@grajper)

Video Concept: Charlotte Tomaszewska, Grajper

Music: Anton Tyshulskiy (@tsyhulskyi.a)

Vocal: Taras Gembik (@taras_gembik)


Interview: Yves Tsou

Poland is a Tolerant Country, After All

After a long period of goverment in Poland, not only supporting but also preaching harmful and misleading propaganda about the LGBT community, manifestations of hate of LGBT people reached their climax when the Polish president stated that “LGBT people are not people, but ideology,” and few of the politicians of the leading political party, Law and Justice, stated that LGBT people are less than “normal” human beings. The concept of the project and the descriptions are not a product of my imagination – they reflect the true, real views that are held and proclaimed by many right-wing activists, including many politicians from the leading party of the polish government.

Instagram: (@capitalhim)

Instagram: (@mariolkaarebell)

Instagram: (@janiestad)

Instagram: (@janczoo), (@rafaelanatol)

Photographer: Paweł Barański (@baranskifashion)


Dystopia, opposite to “utopia” (or ideal), is defined as “Forecast, description or representation of a future state of things, situation, developments, political-social and technological highly negative”. With this project, we want to elaborate the downside: a dystopian future in which the power of technology is able to cancel the “human” component of man. “What man has made of man?” We would like to sensitize the observer to a very topical issue: are we really slaves to technology? Is this depriving us of our humanity and sensitivity?

Photographer: Ruggero Lupo Mengoni (@ruggerolupo)

Videographer: Micol Locci Cipriani (@micolloccicipriani)

Stylist: Micol Locci Cipriani & Ambra Morini (@ambra.morini)

Model: Genny Casini