Dystopia, opposite to “utopia” (or ideal), is defined as “Forecast, description or representation of a future state of things, situation, developments, political-social and technological highly negative”. With this project, we want to elaborate the downside: a dystopian future in which the power of technology is able to cancel the “human” component of man. “What man has made of man?” We would like to sensitize the observer to a very topical issue: are we really slaves to technology? Is this depriving us of our humanity and sensitivity?

Photographer: Ruggero Lupo Mengoni (@ruggerolupo)

Videographer: Micol Locci Cipriani (@micolloccicipriani)

Stylist: Micol Locci Cipriani & Ambra Morini (@ambra.morini)

Model: Genny Casini (@ schlechtenachrichten)

Thom Browne FW 2020

Thom Browne AW2020

Backstage Steals

Photography by Benoit Auguste (@benoit.auguste)

Allure #1

Photography: iauei (@iauei)

Art Direction: Valentina Monari (@v.monari)

Hair: Gabriele Marozzi (@gab_marozzi)

Photography Assistant: Camilla Bianchi (@camillinii)

Models: Kevin (@kevin_demaj), Gabriel (@_gabrieldem_),

Alexandre Sewa (@alexandre_sewa), Rehjan Bruti (@brutibrothers)

All Jewelries from GERLANDO


“MAY-SELF” is a quarantine editorial shot inside the spring greenery of a private home garden after the government decision in May 2020 to step into the COVID-19 phase 2, giving people a breath of natural freedom.

Inspired by “The Unbearable Bradness of Being” of Mark Seliger (1999), photographer Stefano Carloni decided to adapt and challenge himself and be (almost) the only one on set, behind and in front of the camera at the same time.

The editorial conveys an idea of gender fluidification, characterized by an extreme sense of humor and a set of weird, bold and feminine pieces. The aim is to show how to stage a performing tale with no boundaries and constrictions, but just for a pure sense of self expression.



blouse SAKS POTTS, trousers GmbH

dress GmbH



skirt SACAI, boots NODALETO

Photographer: Stefano Carloni as a photographer (@mr_tuft)

Model: Stefano Carloni as a model (@stefanettettino)

Special thanks to MAXIM THE34

Bedroom Portraits


Photography by Karl Simone

Photography: Karl Simone (@karl_simone) karlsimone.com

Model: John Vanbeber (@johnvanbeber) @ DNA Models

Special thanks to Jon Tutulo

Portraits from the Other World

A collection of houses, living rooms, sofas and kitchens, along with the persons who inhabit them, photographed with the only two means: a camera and the web, to tell the life on this side of the door, or on the side of your windows.

What you’re seeing, in fact, are images of images: On one side is the photographer, on the other side are those who are photographed; a screen stands between them. An unbridgeable distance which; however, cancels out until it disappears.

The result is an assemblage of domestic portraits, intimate and private, of individuals.
I entered into the homes discretely, and, if an apartment is a space that subtracts ourselves from the world, it has transformed into a place that can be shared peacefully.

There is no longer a dimension to separate us, but one that unites us instead.

After all, these have become our homes, our mirrors, our forever shelters, in particular, our current shelter.

A “contagious” embrace, outlining the houses of the Italians, reached worldwide

Photography: Letizia Toscano (@letizia_toscano) letiziatoscano.com

Illustration: Martina Romano (@martinaromano_illustration)

Text: Letizia Toscano

Translation: Michele Rebai

Bodies Creating Spaces

Photography: Arianna Genghini (@callmepocahontas)

Stylist: Jose Farelo (@joeefar)

Body Direction: Arianna Genghini & Jose Farelo

New Madison Camera Roll

Director & Editor: Amanda Louise Macchia (@alouisemacchia)

Casting: New Madison Model (@newmadisonmodels)

Models: Noah Swan, Camille Porquier, Justine Mothe, Gauthier Nampont, Aurore Monnot, Lea de La Bouralière, Harold Benoit, Vianney Cambier, Maceo Gatineau, Enora Blanc, Mats Engel, Clément Cornebize, Josephine Guy

And He Said

full lookN°21, shoes VISIVIM

(left) boots VISVIM (right) shirt N°21, boots VISIVIM

(left) shirt N°21 (right) trench N°21

(left) shirt N°21 (right) trench N°21

total look archive

(left) shirt N°21


(left) t-shirt N°21 (right) raincoat archive

coat & shirt N°21 

Photographer: Lucrezia Ganazzoli (@lucreziaganazzoli) lucreziaganazzoli.com

Model: Giacomo Bia

May Blossom

In times of quarantine and loneliness, the deep-seated striving for freedom seems to take on new forms.

Through social isolation our dreams awoke. The quieter it becomes around us, the louder we are encouraged to watch, listen and interact.

We gain a new insight into our deepest inner being and what otherwise remains hidden is brought to light.

This newly blossoming longing brings us closer together beyond the quarantine than ever before.

Thanks to Elias Terrabona for helping me put my thoughts down to paper.





Photographer: Maximilian Mair (@maximilianmair) maxmair.com

Models: Matthias & Anna