Férula Placebo

Photography & Concept: Andrés Marti (@6marti6) (@andresmarti_studio)

Lighting: David Sierra (@davidsierra_)

Assistant: Martin Phillips (@martinphelipe), Adriana Rosell (@r_o_s_e_l _l)

Model: Ezra (@ezra.mal)

All art pieces from Andrés Marti

To Embrace the End

trousers & jacket QUISPE, headpiece MACALO


(left) dress & trousers GENES, headpiece stylist’s own  (right) shirt SASTRE, trousers MOZH MOZH

(left) trousers BONDAGE FACTORY,shorts AVEZ, headpiece QUISPE  (right) top & shorts MOZH MOZH

(left) jacket ELOY  (right) shirt SASTRE, earpiece stylist’s own

hats ROGER LOAYZA, trousers SASTRE, bag MACALO

(left) skirt MOZH MOZH, bag QUISPE, necklace stylist’s own  (right) jacket & trousers BONDAGE FACTORY

Photography: Paolo Rally (@paolorally)

Styling: Cayetano García Sahurie (@cayetanogs)

Model: Abou Toure (@abou.toure.93)

Special thanks to Kat Matos (@katkatpower)

New Wave

(left) top archive, suit MAISON MARGIELA, earrings THOMAS SABO  (right) bodysuit KARL LAGERFELD, dress DOLCE & GABBANA

(left) dress MARC JACOBS  (right) bodysuit MARINE SERRE, top DOLCE & GABBANA

(left) dress FILIPPA K, shoes JOHN GALLIANO  (right) shirt LENA CLAUS

(left) dress MOSCHINO, trousers STIEGLITZ  (right) bodysuit KARL LAGERFELD, dress DOLCE & GABBANA

Photographer: Thanh Nguyen (@_thanhngn)

Stylist: Stephy Roca Salo (@stephy.sr)

Hair & Make-up: Elena Köhler (@elena_koehler_hairmakeup)

Model: Rahel (@rahel.drss) @VIA Model Management (@via_model_management)

Daily Rhythms





Photography: Edu Forte (@eduforte.studio)

Styling: Greta Macchi (@mccgrt)

Creative Direction: Santa Living (@wearesantaliving) – César Carcaboso, Josep Vicens

Make-up: Ester Vicens

Styling Assistant: Blai Carriet (@blaicarriet)

Models: César Carcaboso, Josep Vicens

Text & Interview by Matthew Burgos

Donnie Dix

Shot in New York City, Donnie Dix is a tribute to the brashness of the 80s. Directed by Sascha Taylor Larsen and produced by Oliver Finley, it is a parody of the type of naive self-obsession which characterised this period in our cultural history. The main character, played by Eli Cusick, embodies the absurdity of an era filled with excess. He represents a particular type of machismo coupled with a total lack of personal accountability. In just over three minutes, Donnie Dix’s character arc unfolds as he moves from total self-assurance to an increasing self-awareness, then the self-doubt which ultimately paralyses him.


Donnie Dix is a representation of the collective consciousness of the late 80s based on the films, music, literature and cultural references we have been brought up with. This playful mood is reflected through Josh Herzog’s cinematography, Alex Hass’ lighting and Alexia Salingaros’ colouring. The feeling of the late 80s is also portrayed through Alexandra Ruggieri’s production design, which was influenced by old 1980’s Ikea catalogues and postmodernist design. The styling choices of Gaby Sprenkle, who was inspired by iconic productions such as Miami Vice and The Lost Boys, also served to create the 80s vibe. 


The singularity of this music video is that the whole concept stems from the lyrics, written by Taylor Larsen himself. These lyrics reflect a young man who exudes self-assurance, but underneath it all is riddled by self-doubt. Based on this vision, Taylor Larsen asked award-winning composer Eivind Hannisdal to create a sound reminiscent of Jan Hammer’s Miami Vice soundtrack but filled with irony. Hannisdal recreates an authentic 80s sound with live musicians and Taylor Larsen’s humorous lyrics are further exaggerated by this use of the 80s sound.  


Donnie Dix is currently touring across the international awards circuit, with the first screening taking place at the Academy Award® qualifying Norwegian Short Film Festival in Grimstad between June 8 – 12, 2022. 

Starring: Eli Cusick


Videography Director & Editor: Sascha Taylor Larsen (@satisfiedsascha)

Producer: Oliver Finley (@oliver_finley)

Photography Director: Josh Herzog (@josherzog)

Casting Director: Cameron Debe (@camdebe)

Production Designer: Alexandra Ruggieri (@sweatticoat)

Costume Designer: Gaby Sprenkle (@gabriellalorensprenkle)

Hair & Make-Up: Elena Kaleda (@elenakaleda_makeup)

Music & Producer: Eivind Hannisdal (@eivindhannisdal)

Art Assistant: Alyssa Franks (@a_list_of_ranks)

Cast: Eli Cusick, Greg Valenti (@gregvalentiofficial), Daddy (@directordaddy), Erik Ramberg, Christina Springle (@springlesprings), Gjermund Gjesme (@gjermspiration), Christopher Torem (@toremof_the_future), Verena McBee (@mcbeellangelo), Amelya Salva


Layer © AdeY

Coinciding with Photo London, Internationally renowned photographer and choreography AdeY will be in London for his first ever solo exhibition in the United Kingdom.


With a background in performance, choreography and contemporary dance, AdeY’s photographic works is a fine combination of these art forms. He studies subjects such as the human body’s balance, strength and physics. Through the lens of AdeY, these naked bodied were bent, stretched, contorted and curled up into different forms, showing the complexity of movements in authenticity.


Titled as Uncensored, the exhibition and its namesake book are in response to the constant censorship he experiences on Instagram. With the increasingly stricter censorship rules on sensitive contents, the exhibition is undoubtedly a powerful yet beautiful protest against the application’s reckless decision and unreasonable deletion. Previously at Los Angeles in December 2021, the exhibition will arrive in London at The Little Black Gallery Pop-Up (4 Garden Walk, Shoreditch, London EC2A 3EQ) from 13-15 May 2022.

Yin-Yang © AdeY

Laundry Time © AdeY

Multifaceted © AdeY

She-Man Part II © AdeY

Breast Friends © AdeY

Are You Sure? © AdeY

Hangout Part IV © AdeY

Synergy © AdeY

The exhibition UNCENSORED by AdeY is at The Little Black Gallery Pop Up from 13-15 May at 4 Garden Walk, Shoreditch, London EC2A 3EQ. Visit www.thelittleblackgallery.com for opening times. The artworks and book can be purchased online from www.boysboysboys.org and www.girlsgirlsgirls.com

Wild Kings

Wild Kings

Photography & Styling | Manuel Scrima

vests, underwear & socks ANTONIO MARRAS

shirt, shorts & pants GAELLE PARIS

headpieces & shirts ANTONIO MARRAS


jacket & waistcoat GAELLE PARIS

underwear MARKS & SPENCER


Photography & Fashion: Manuel Scrima (@manuelscrima)

Casting: Models Milano Scouting (@modelsmilano.scouting)

Makeup: Fabiana Albanese (@fabiana_albanese.mua)

Film Scan: Gianluca Specchia

Assistant: Alessandro Grieco (@iosonoaleg)

Models: Paolo Diomande (@paolo.diomande), Daniel Oliseh Okoluku (@llilcr), Babacar Gning (@gning__),

Michel Simothibo Diatta (@michel_simothibo_diatta), Mbaye Diaw (@bayo_diaw)

Viva Las Vegas

Photography: Paolo Santambrogio (@paolosantambrogio)

Desire Boy

Photography: Mateusz Jaskot (@mat_j_scott)

Backstage: Wojciech Tubaja (@wojciechtubaja)

model Tomasz Strojny (@tomczeski) @Pinokio Models (@pinokiomodels)


Photography: Karol Małecki (@karolgustavv)

Creative & Styling: Charlotte Tomaszewska (@charlottetomas)

Make-up & Hair: Kamila Vay (@kamilavay)

Model: Kasia Kniola (@detoxikate)