Team Building

t-shirt vintage, pants CELINE HOMME, socks KIPSTA, slides LOEWE

polo & socks LACOSTE, dress PASKAL, sneakers ADIDAS

t-shirt vintage, skirt LES INCONNUS, socks model’s own, ballet shoes REPETTO

full look LOEWE, loafers J.M. WESTON, rings HERMÈS

top TORY BURCH, shorts vintage, hat MAISON MICHEL, socks ADIDAS, clogs LA BLOUSE DE LYON

top CELINE, jeans & cord belt MAISON MARGIELA, underwear CELINE HOMME, cap vintage, socks model’s own, sneakers NIKE

shirt PAUL SMITH, robe CANDICE FAUCHON, jacket CELINE HOMME, pants & socks LACOSTE, loafers J.M. WESTON

on Davy_shirt AXEL ARIGATO, pants CARHARTT WIP, cap LACOSTE, bag vintage, sneakers NIKE; on Lara_dress ACNE STUDIOS, socks MAISON MARGIELA, sneakers ADIDAS, necklace D’HEYGERE

Photographer: Lucas de l’Estang (@lucasdelestang)

Stylist: Juliette Alleaume (@allo_juliette)

Make-up: Andrey Sebaoun (@andrey.mua)

Hair: Alan Antoine (@alanantoinehair)

Production: Perspektiv Projects (@perspektiv.projects)

Models: Rayan Mazuel, Affy Tallo, Julie Rigal, Adama Semake, Davy, Lara, Charlotte, Valentine, Matthieu

Location: Espace Danamza



Collaboration between Olivia Ghalioungui & Julen Iztueta

Olivia and Julen collaborated on a series of images, remixing them into collage format to combine the elements that inspire both of them. From nature and the physical body, these inspirations serve as an expression of the identity and the self. Parts of the way we see ourselves may sometimes feel broken and mangled, and a lot of the time people can find themselves in nature again. Through the action of ripping – which symbolizes the aggressive and oftentimes harsh view we have of ourselves, and placing the different pieces in naturescapes, it all seems to fit and the chaos balances itself out again. Then, in some other images, the pieces of the body are scattered, representing the chaos surrounding self-image and identity when lost.

Photographer: Olivia Ghalioungui (@oliviaghalioungu)

Collage Artist: Julen Iztueta (@juleniztueta)

Pablo Fernandez in Drohobych

Photography: Yourko Kalichack (@kalichack)

Styling: Eugenia Skvarska (@skvarska)

Grooming: Kateryna Tokareva (@tokareva_mua)

Styling Assistant: Vlad Askerov (@ssnxwqz)

Model: Pablo Fernandes (@pvbloo_)

The Scene of the Incident

Photography & Direction: Kim Sun-ho (

Videogeraphy: EQ Kim (@eqkim)

Art: Myeongwangsung (Pluto) (@myeongwangsung)

Fashion: Park Sun-yong (@kkonyong)

Prop: Kim Ho-rim (@nutukyi)

Fashion Assistant: Lee Ji-hyeon (@hyeonible)

Model: Lee Jo-hwa (@harmonyjohwa), Kim On (@own.npc), Lee Shin-young (@shiny.oung), Hong
Yae-jin (@2luning), Lee Sang-jun (@blurbadu), Jung Jong-hoon (@jonjondotdot), Kim Ho-rim

Location: Studio ABMS (

The Readers

pants PRADA, top, jacket & hat stylist’s archive

shirt & shorts KATE HUNDLEY, jacket BODE

on Delilah_top stylist’s archive, dress SILPHIUM, neckpiece BODE; on Magdaleno_jacket SILPHIUM, neckpiece BODE

sweater BODE, pants LAYNE

 top model’s own, jacket & shorts BODE

(left) full look LAYNE  (right) top model’s own, hat RATIO

(left) full look SILPHIUM  (right) full look BODE

vest BODE, shirt & pants KATE HUNDLEY

shirt & jacket BODE, outer LAYNE

Photography: José Cuevas (@jose___cuevas)

Styling: Mary Sucaet (@marysucaet)

Make-Up & Grooming: Jason Case (@jasoncalebcase)

Models: Magdaleno Delgado, Delilah Koch, Gabriel Jayne, Luke Delvo, Rachel Goff @Heroes Models (@heroesmodels)

Don't Talk About It

outer BALENCIAGA, blazer & trousers ARKET, boots DR. MARTENS


jacket SAINT LAURENT, trousers ARKET, boots DR. MARTENS


suit MSGM


Photographer: Alberto Saguar (@albertosaguar)

Stylist: David Rivas (@davidrivas___)

Hair & Make-up: Sofia Rubinstein (@sofirub)

Model: Julia Olenikova (@juliaolee) @TREND (@trendmodelsmgmt)

How Do You Wear Your Mask

mask by Muriel Nisse, earring MARC DELOCHE

(left) mask by Muriel Nisse, body JEAN PAUL GAULTIER, leather dress with belt JEANNE PRIOT, socks ÉRIC BOMPARD, shoes CARVEN  

(right) hair creation by Massanori Yahiro

(left) mask by Muriel Nisse, hat ANTHONY PETO, denim jacket SARAH LEVY, denim ANDREA CREWS, dress LA METAMORPHOSE COUTURE, earrings MISSOMA, bracelets SHANSHAN, shoes HAZAMA  

(right) jacket GUESS, denim feather SARAH LEVY, necklace & earrings BEGÜM KHAN, bracelets SHANSHAN

(left) dress DAVIDE BAZZERLA, jewel eyes BEGÜM KHAN, dress LA METAMORPHOSE COUTURE, earrings MISSOMA, bracelets SHANSHAN, shoes HAZAMA  

(right) mask by Muriel Nisseembroidered jacket KGL, denim jacket PHILOSOPHY, t-shirt AMERICAN VINTAGE, belt DROME, underwear LIVY, tights FALKE, rings MISSOMA, necklaces CAROLINE de BENOIST, boots GCDS

mask by Muriel Nisse, knit, denim, skirt & boots DSQUARED2

mask by Muriel Nisse, tulle & dress LEANDRO CANO, corset PRESSIAT, denim ANDREA CREWS, gloves ELI PEACOCK, earring & bracelets REGINA DABDAB, boots HAZAMA  

(left) mask by Muriel Nisse, coat & bowtie GCDS, leather bra SARAH LEVY, denim 10.11 STUDIOs, earring, rings & bracelets MARC DELOCHE, shoes CROCS  

(right) jacket GUESS, denim JEANNE FRIOT, earring & necklace BEGÜM KHAN, bracelets SHANSHAN

(left) mask by Muriel Nisse, coat & bowtie GCDS, earring MARC DELOCHE

(right) boots GCDS

Photography: Sabine Villiard (@sabinevilliard) @Open Space Paris

Styling: Véronique Droulez (@veroniquedroulez)

Fashion Coordinator: Oretta Corbelli (@orettac)

Hair: Massanori Yahiro (@massanoriyahiro) @Open Space Paris

Make up: Loriane Leger (@loriane_leger) @Open Space Paris

Photography Assistant: Helene Bozzi (@helene.bozzi), Philippe Milliat

Fashion Assistant : Rebecca Perrier (@michiamorebecca)

Model: Coco (@cocolabbee) @THEWAVES Model

Love Letters

Photography: Jordan Drysdale (@jordandrysdale

Set Design: Henry King (@you1anna)

Floral: Blossm Bby (@blossmbby)

In collaboration with Indra Davaatseren (@ubereatzz)

Into the Night

(left) dress SICAR, fur coat NEXT COUTURE, socks FURLA, shoes FENDI (right) total look SIMORRA, shoes NIKE

(left) t-shirt CHLOÉ, coat MSGM, suit jacket VALENTINO, trouser ISABEL MARANT (right) dress COMME DES GARÇONS, belts BLUMARINE

(left) top & skirt JUST CAVALLI, jacket & shoes NEXT COUTURE, pantyhose WOLFORD, earrings FERNANDO RODRÍGUEZ DESIGN

(right) hoodie WEDÚ, jacket RED VALENTINO, trousers TEMPLAT, shoes AITOR GOIKETXIA

(left) leather jacket & skirt CHATTY DANNA, tulle skirt XOAQUÍN RUIZ

Photography: Aylen Torres (@aylentorres)

Styling: Alex Montoya (@alexmontoyamartin)

Hair & Make-up: Edd Lopez (@eddlopezmakeup)

Styling Assistant: Paula Zapater

Model: Olivia (@oliviaeig) @Francina Models

Santa Rosa and the Desert

shirt STRATA, pants SASTRE

shirt D.N.I

(left) pants SASTRE  (right) shirt & suit SASTRE, vest AVEZ

(left) shirt & pants GENES  (right) shirt AVEZ, pants QUISPE

vest AVEZ

shirt AVEZ, pants stylist’s own

shirt GENES, pants QUISPE

(left) suit SASTRE

Photography: Nicole Bergman (@_nbergman)

Styling: Cayetano García Sahurie (@cayetanogs)

Talent: Joseph Reuben (@joseph_reuben)