An Elegant Summer Evening Escape

Valentino and Mytheresa Celebrate the Valentino Escape 2024 Collection

With a breathtaking perfect match of luxury and elegance, Valentino and Mytheresa hosted an exclusive dinner aboard the legendary Christina O yacht, marking the launch of the Valentino Escape 2024 Capsule Collection. The event celebrated the longstanding relationship between the two fashion giants and was a night to remember for all who attended.


The evening started with a historical tour of the Christina O, a yacht steeped in history and luxury, once owned by one of the world’s most powerful families, the Onassis. This glimpse into the yacht’s illustrious past set a captivating tone for the night, merging history with contemporary fashion.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, guests were treated to a cocktail reception on deck, where they could admire the stunning Mediterranean views as the yacht gracefully sailed from Monaco to Beaulieu-sur-Mer. The ambiance was serene yet sophisticated, a perfect prelude to the evening’s main happenings.


Upon arrival at Beaulieu-sur-Mer, an exquisite dinner awaited the guests, featuring the finest French Riviera cuisine crafted by renowned chef Daniel Arganaraz. The culinary journey was a feast for the senses, culminating in a decadent dessert enjoyed under a canopy of stars.


The evening’s surprise highlight was a live performance by The Phly Boyz, set against the picturesque mosaic pool, a historic dance floor that once hosted the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Greta Garbo. The timeless charm of old Hollywood was palpable as guests danced and mingled, creating new memories in a setting rich with history.

Animated by two iconic archive patterns, the Valentino Chevron 24 and Valentino Starfish motifs, the summery Valentino Escape 2024 Capsule Collection includes kaftans, chemisiers, fluid dresses, skirts, one-shoulder tops, and flared pants. Completing the ensemble are bikinis and swimsuits, ensuring a versatile selection for all summer occasions.


Crafted from luxurious materials such as crêpe de chine, cotton poplin, and muslin, the collection offers varied lengths from mini to ankle, catering to diverse fashion preferences. Accessories, including Valentino Garavani shoes and bags with matching prints, add a layer of sophistication to each look.


Available globally on from May 29th, 2024, the launch of the Valentino Escape 2024 Capsule Collection is accompanied by a dedicated editorial story directed by Mytheresa Chief Creative Officer Julian Paul and captured by photographer Jorin Koers, featuring model Sun Mizrahi. This visual narrative brings the collection to life, showcasing its vibrant energy and stylish appeal.

The event aboard the Christina O and the launch of the Valentino Escape 2024 Collection exemplify the seamless blend of history, luxury, and contemporary fashion. Maison Valentino and Mytheresa continue to set the standard for elegance and innovation in the fashion world, offering a stunning collection that captures the essence of summer and an unforgettable experience to their clients and to the friends of the house.


As guests departed from the Christina O, they carried with them memories of an evening where history and modernity danced together, and fashion was celebrated in its most luxurious and unique form.

Sophia Roe

Andrew Georgiades, Alexander Roth, Hugh Laughton-Scott