What is beauty? Can we talk about beauty? If it’s true that “face is the window of the soul”, what would happen if we stop considering the aspect of things. Is it possible to see beauty without seeing its objectivity?

Can I talk about beauty or maybe, choosing to portray it, it’s beauty itself that strikes me and talks about me? Beauty it’s something immediate, beauty escapes any line of reasoning.

It hasn’t concept, it hasn’t aim. It’s something that hits, pierces, leaves us speechless. Hedera is beauty but at the same time also act. It’s my subjectivity being objectified as soon as I express it.

Beauty is as much undisputed as indisputable. We try to define beauty, to eradicate beauty from its stereotypes, to kill the “face” of the things, their closest aspect. We’ve chosen two subjects, a naked body on one side, an art city on the other side, usually both associated to beauty and perfection concept.

Technically we’ve chosen to exclude as much as possible model’s faces, in studio’s shots, as well as we’ve chosen to exclude Venice’s “face”, in location’s shots.

Hedera refers to the climbing plant itself. The word includes both a positive and a negative meaning. Hedera means on one hand immortality and protection, on the other hand it’s movement of grabbing on surfaces means contamination. Contaminating is what we do when we talk about beauty: we objectify something that borns as purely subjective. Even if we know that, we still try to define its concept, to establish some standards.

This video itself was realised in the full awareness of adding one more point of view to those already expressed, of “contaminating” the pure concept that beauty truly is.

Directors: Martina Rossi, Andrea Re

Cinematographer: Andrea Re

Words: Alessia Cusenza

Voice-over: Francesco Meola

1st Director Assistant: Alessandro Tonini

Dancers: Ilaria Brianti, Carlo D’Abramo