Fascinated by the aesthetics of the Soviet propaganda, Photographer David Quesada Acedo accentuate on the elements that hark back the Soviet Union posters and advertisements. Models, as the lifeless puppets of the cruel regime, stands in the spacious airport and illuminated hangar – the typical military background that renders an immediate flashback of that era. Starkly contrast with the zero waste and all hand-dyed collection made from old stock Soviet fabrics from the 1970s-1980s, a intriguing collaboration between young Ukrainian designer brand CHERESHNIVSKA and Belarusian artist Anastasiya Rozova.

Photographer: KDavid Quesada Acedo (@david.qvesada)

Fashion: Nastya Rozova (@n__rozova))

Producer: Gladkova Ekaterina

Light Assistant: Viktoriya Istomina (@istomina.karlson), Anton Vanchak (@vanchak_anton)

Models: Olya Нryzlyuk (@olya_hryzlyuk), Yustyna Нryzlyuk (@yustynahryzlyuk), Ayegba Kedonojo (@kingkeddy), Yaroslav Korickiy (@korickiyy)

All Garments from CHERESHNIVSKA (@chereshnivska)