Youth. The quintessence of vivid memories, maximalist actions and freedom.
The time to lay the first bricks for the foundation of the future career or to hop on to the stream of consciousness to explore yourself.

Yana, a girl with a juggler life approach keeps her focus on education, modern pentathlon and modeling.
While being young dreamer, she takes each aspect of life serious to decide, which path to take further?

Creative Director & Photographer: Mykola Maychyk (@maychykm)

Creative Director & Stylist: Lesya Pak (@_l23p_)

Make-Up Artist: Kateryna Tokareva (@tokareva_mua)

Hair Stylist: Mary Tsyhylyk (@mary.tsyhylyk)

Set Designer:  Dara Horielova (@daryna_dara)

Photographer Assistant: Taras Maychyk (@taras_maychyk)

Talent: Yana Gavura

Special thanks to Brooklyn Darkroom (@brooklyn_darkroom)