The sketch first of all

Fashion illustration by Anita Ronga.

Anita Ronga is the 24-year-old illustrator with the passion of fashion and art. She studied drawing, anatomy and tissues at Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, following the course of fashion design (but her first education is in IT).

Anita makes sketches of her favorite fashion designers and anything that can be drawn (so basically, anything). In the gallery you can see her illustrations for Fendi and Valentino and the ones she made being inspired by C.A.P.74024.

You are saying that in fact you are a programmer – how do you combine these 2 different spheres?
Yes, I say – in fact – I’m a programmer, because my diploma says so but, fortunately, my experience as programmer has stopped with the end of high school. I have always been attracted by the colors, even when was studying to become a programmer: always used to transform my exercises in curious fashion sketches. Was so unrelated to that world full of numbers and strange algorithms. I never felt a programmer, much more an illustrator.

Who is your favorite fashion designer and for who you would love to make illustrations?
I have a great passion for all the work done by Alexander McQueen, it was so brilliant!!! Then love Chanel, Valentino and Yamamoto, absolutely! I would love to illustrate fashion of a great brand of Haute Couture, maybe one of my favorite but, definitely I love this art and I’m so glad to illustrate for everyone who loves my illustrations.

What inspires you except fashion?
Streets of Rome, floral lawns and sunsets are magical for my inspiration.

Which color is love?
It’s definitely white. White is the combination of all colors and love brings all the colors with him.

Can you share a secret?
If I share a secret, I lose a secret…

Text: Irene Belous

An Underwater Essay

Relationships to the waters.

Arnaldo Abba is 32, coming from Brescia, Italy.

He studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York, where he seriously approached photography and fell in love with it. In 2010 he graduated in Cinema at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Italy, and decided it was time to dig deeper into his new passion that was taking over every minute of his free time.

In the past three years I lived in Santa Barbara, California. As an emigrant, my friends often asked me what was the thing I missed the most about Italy. The first answers were always “My family, my friends, the food”. But the more this question was brought out, the more I was finding myself thinking about the waters of the Mediterranean sea of the small village I grew up in.

These photographs I took this past summer represent my relationship to these waters: they are an investigation to the source of fascination and attraction, but also fear and tremble I harbor for them.

The sea is in fact the place where the natural rules we know don’t apply: in water we float suspended in a liquid, and to go underneath the surface we need to hold our breath. The Mediterranean can be blue and reassuring or green, murky and frightful. It can be calm and flat or rough and stormy.

In all his way of being, liking it or not, I’ve been there.

The series “An Underwater Essay” is the investigation of what this sea represents for me. From the dark side I reject, to the calm one I love.

Fro and to

The reverse of happening.

It’s a still-life/GIF story. To and fro, fro and to – it’s all focused on the result, the emotion. What has happened before – is all up to your imagination. The main idea was to show a different voyeuristic perspective, where the reader can be part of what he is looking at.

Project made by the students of Domus Academy (Master courses in Fashion Styling, Fashion Management and Luxury Brand Management), during the Fashion Styling workshop in collaboration with C.A.P.74024

Concept and production: Irene Belous, Russia; Isabella Stadtmann, Germany; Neha Singhal, India; Manalea Kakhia, Lebanon

Photographer: Raisoull Satyam Rai

The Invitation

A voyeuristic affair.

“It’s a sneaky-peaky hide’n’seek game we all play. We brush a touch, we feel the breath, we follow the shadow, we anticipate the next move and then we hold, we press, we sweat. We pretend to hide & cover to heighten up the little pleasure but it’s the climax when we are caught, the eyes meet. With no disappointment, the mask removed, the body exposed, the innocence visible, the comforting sigh, the curly smirk, the message exchanged. It’s a moment of nakedness smeared with emotions of joy, excitement & mischievousness”.

Project made by the students of Domus Academy during the Fashion Styling workshop in collaboration with C.A.P.74024

Concept and production: Teodora Maracineanu, Romania; Priyanka Castelino, India; Jhiye Min, South Korea; Shweta Shukla, India

Photographer: Simon Minardi

Model: Eugeniya Kuzmenko


Exploring the extremes of self-love.

In a generation constantly deemed egotistical and self-obsessed, we are reminded of the myth of Narcissus. Is an in depth exploration of oneself defective? In the end, can one be completely self-suficient and survive alone, despite the loneliness?

Project made by the students of Domus Academy (Master courses in Fashion Styling and Luxury Brand Management), during the Fashion Styling workshop in collaboration with C.A.P.74024

Concept and production: Naomi Sianturi, Indonesia; Luiza Brun and Paloma Montanaro, Brazil; Shriya Agrawal, India; Ece Hanoglu, Turkey

Model: Valentin Tarallo (ILove Models)

Photographer: Paloma Montanaro


An exhibition about Love, by Angelo Cruciani.

Speaking, today, about love, and doing it through mountains of hearts and disenchanted messages is a choice of great courage.
When I met Angelo, I appreciated a lot his talent in styling, then I discovered his ability in designing clothes. Now he can still amaze me, pulling out of his colorful cylinder the capacity extremely refined to create visual artworks (paintings in mixed media) that speak of sincere feelings, concrete, and they do it through signs and vivid colors, full of love.

On July 2nd, 2015, in Milan, the first Chinese gallery of contemporary art in Italy hosted the debut of LOVVISM, L’amore va di moda.
LOVVISM is the summary of a journey that lasted four years, moved on to explore deeply the symbol of love: a path that dismembers and reassembles the cosmic energy of a divine feeling. Love returns of being fashionable and claims his throne: in an increasingly virtual reality, it’s going on an overwhelming media invasion, that reports an indispensable collective need of sweetness.

Is it the beginning of a new Humanism? Probably yes. From the image of Christ to the flags of the world economic powers. The scope of the research for Cruciani goes into unpredictable directions, and it does so supported by the talented Manuel Scrima, photographer for years in creative couple with the artist, which translates into images the collective, conceptual and aesthetic actions of the project.
Yin and Yang of a single vision, thesis and antithesis of a unique message, Apollonian and Dionysian of a thought of beauty that tells of love through love.

Text: Antonio Moscogiuri

Luigi Campa

Luigi Campa by Giorgio Codazzi.

Luigi Campa is a Teatro alla Scala graduate Classic dancer. He started immediately of being a part of the Staats ballet Berlin company, under the prestigious direction of Vladimir Malakhov. After four year of improvement, we came back to Teatro alla Scala.
Today he is a freelance dancer that works around the world, dancing into the Teatro alla Scala Étoile Sabrina Brazzo’s company.
This video is a project in which he shows his personal idea about dancing and “moving with feelings”.


Where the eye doesn't look.

Thailand has long been known as the sex capital of Asia, and according to a survey in 2004, there are approximately 800.000 underage prostitutes in Thailand and the money being traded at 4.3 billion per year or three percent of Thai economy. This alarming number has put Thailand on the top of the list of underage sexual exploitation according to the U.N.
Underage is a photographic documentation aimed at understanding the minds of these underage male prostitutes in a most candid and visceral way.

This project is multi-layered and complex in its nature. Psychologically, it offers provocative and haunting portraits of these lost souls. The visual is visceral and represents an ugly mess and deep-rooted problems of family, teenage years in Thailand, and society. The personal data of each subject is included to offer an insight and to peep into their lives and journey to the opposite side of norms, tradition, and perception. In addition, sexual identification and orientation are being questioned and investigated. While most subjects identify themselves as heterosexual young boys who come to terms with having sex with gay guys for money, almost all of them have never had sex with females. Many of them reason that all men must go through having sex with gay guys in order to understand how to have sex with females when such time comes.

Which is the intention behind Underage project?
I want the process to uncover a bit of the life, choice, and consequences that these young boys are experiencing.
Underage prostitution results from several reasons, from being molested by family members and/or relatives, poverty, being a runaway, and drug addiction. I want the images to act as a mirror reflecting the rotten reality of child abuse and exploitation. I also want the images to pose painful questions about life, choice, consequences, and of humanity. Lastly, I hope the project will shed some light about this pervasive situation, raising questions for us about society, corruption, morals, and human treatment. Also desire, innocence, corruption maturity of the observer, customer, and prostitute… when we look at the pictures, we take the part of both… the boy and the buyer… Mirror neurons.

Photo: Ohm Phanphiroj

c.a.p. 74024

The Unknown

"The Unknown Project" by Sylvain Norget

Why are we all fascinated by stars pictures? Because they are beautiful? Because we love them? Because everybody knows them? Not necessarily. Every time we look at a star’s picture, it tells us automatically a story made by memories, by envy, by desires, by movies, by musics. The photo is a call to the imagination.
Take Clint Eastwood’s photo by Patrick Swirc, simple portrait in black and white, but extraordinary face, torn up by these sublime wrinkles, lit by this incredible, strong, raw and hard light. The photo takes the breath away, it is brilliant of simplicity. The photo tells nothing, she shows. And we imagine. We all have Clint Eastwood in our memory, we all saw one of his movies at least once, we all listened to him speaking about cinema. It is this memory which amplifies the beauty of the photo.
And if all this was accessible to everybody?
And if a stranger became a star?
And if this stranger was you?

Sylvain Norget –

The Unknown Project

Alessio Iacovone

Relics of Aborted Loves.

Alessio is a young 25 years old Italian talent. He is so young but he has already had several collaborations with prestigious contemporary art galleries. A photography, his own, that draws strength from the charm – now emblazoned ultra – of amateur stuff.
Love or its absence as a source of inspiration, art as a tool in order to blowing up its power. And it is to love, a forbidden love, that Alessio dedicates this collection of personal shots, born from the memory linked to people who have embarked on new paths, on other paths, leaving on him the signs of their passing by.

Relics of Aborted Loves are small images of little things that we used to collect from the beginning of a story, and that we discover, perhaps after a long long time, abandoned in a drawer, lost behind a table, buried at the bottom of a box, when the relationship is already over. In every photo I try to represent in retrospect all those moods linked at the end of my loves, initial hopes, disregarded then, and the loneliness that stands in the end.


Rivedo le tue lettere d’amore
illuminata adesso da un distacco,
senza quasi rancore.
L’illusione era forte a sostenerci
ci reggevamo entrambi negli abbracci,
pregando che durassero gli intenti.
Ci promettemmo il sempre degli amanti,
certi nei nostri spiriti d’idilli.
E hai potuto lasciarmi,
e hai potuto intuire un’altra luce
che seguitasse dopo le mie spalle.
Mi hai suscitato dalle scarse origini
con richiami di musica divina
mi hai resa divergenza di dolore
spazio, per la tua vita di ricerca
per abitarmi il tempo di un errore.
E m’hai lasciato solo le tue lettere,
onde io ribevessi la mia assenza.

A. Merini