Fashion illustration by Anita Ronga.

Anita Ronga is the 24-year-old illustrator with the passion of fashion and art. She studied drawing, anatomy and tissues at Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, following the course of fashion design (but her first education is in IT).

Anita makes sketches of her favorite fashion designers and anything that can be drawn (so basically, anything). In the gallery you can see her illustrations for Fendi and Valentino and the ones she made being inspired by C.A.P.74024.

You are saying that in fact you are a programmer – how do you combine these 2 different spheres?
Yes, I say – in fact – I’m a programmer, because my diploma says so but, fortunately, my experience as programmer has stopped with the end of high school. I have always been attracted by the colors, even when was studying to become a programmer: always used to transform my exercises in curious fashion sketches. Was so unrelated to that world full of numbers and strange algorithms. I never felt a programmer, much more an illustrator.

Who is your favorite fashion designer and for who you would love to make illustrations?
I have a great passion for all the work done by Alexander McQueen, it was so brilliant!!! Then love Chanel, Valentino and Yamamoto, absolutely! I would love to illustrate fashion of a great brand of Haute Couture, maybe one of my favorite but, definitely I love this art and I’m so glad to illustrate for everyone who loves my illustrations.

What inspires you except fashion?
Streets of Rome, floral lawns and sunsets are magical for my inspiration.

Which color is love?
It’s definitely white. White is the combination of all colors and love brings all the colors with him.

Can you share a secret?
If I share a secret, I lose a secret…

Text: Irene Belous