A voyeuristic affair.

“It’s a sneaky-peaky hide’n’seek game we all play. We brush a touch, we feel the breath, we follow the shadow, we anticipate the next move and then we hold, we press, we sweat. We pretend to hide & cover to heighten up the little pleasure but it’s the climax when we are caught, the eyes meet. With no disappointment, the mask removed, the body exposed, the innocence visible, the comforting sigh, the curly smirk, the message exchanged. It’s a moment of nakedness smeared with emotions of joy, excitement & mischievousness”.

Project made by the students of Domus Academy during the Fashion Styling workshop in collaboration with C.A.P.74024

Concept and production: Teodora Maracineanu, Romania; Priyanka Castelino, India; Jhiye Min, South Korea; Shweta Shukla, India

Photographer: Simon Minardi

Model: Eugeniya Kuzmenko