Amanda Louise Macchia Brings Her Fashion-Heavy Pop Art to Milan

Amanda Louise Macchia © Dino Kužnik

Kristen Stewart by Amanda Louise Macchia for Chanel Beauty

Amanda Louise Macchia is an emerging Italian-Canadian video director. After spending several years in the Paris fashion scene, she is now partially relocating to Milan for the first time, bringing a portfolio of high fashion and beauty videos with her.


Known for her retro pop art style, Amanda has developed new ways of digitizing mid-century ideas, by integrating stills into moving images using collage, instant film, and even regular office supplies, alongside her vintage video cameras, into creative content for luxury brands including Saint Laurent, Off-White, Audemars Piguet, and an on-going series with Chanel Beauty.


With Chanel Beauty, Amanda has profiled major talent including Margot Robbie, Lily-Rose Depp, and Kristen Stewart, the latter of which was just released in February 2024 alongside the Berlinale, with more content to come through the rest of the year around other prominent film festivals and award ceremonies.


The unique blend of high and low art in this work, which includes low-res photo scans and a handheld camcorder from the early 2000s, alongside standard beauty footage, has garnered the attraction of luxury brands globally, looking to recreate this careful and enticing balance.

Margot Robbie by Amanda Louise Macchia for Chanel Beauty

Amanda’s style extends from her editorial work as well, having been published by Purple Magazine, System Magazine, & Vogue, where she first began experimenting with these pop art elements on set, the backstages of fashion shows, and in ateliers, with brands like Balenciaga, Givenchy, Paco Rabanne, and Schiaparelli.


But her first medium of video directing was in documentary, which she recently revisited with her latest personal project A Certain Song: Yes Sir, I Can Boogie – a short film documenting the history of the famous Spanish disco song through capturing the 1970s press clippings, magazine features, and personal photos of founding member Mayte Mateos. The film is an Official Selection for the upcoming 2024 Fashion Film Festival Amsterdam, taking place in April.

Amanda Louise Macchia’s documentary about Baccara, A Certain Song: Yes Sir, I Can Boogie

Amanda Louise Macchia’s documentary about Baccara, A Certain Song: Yes Sir, I Can Boogie

The history of the song Yes Sir, I Can Boogie is noteworthy because it continues to dominate the fashion world 45 years after its initial release and entry into the Guinness Book of World Records, for most singles sold by a female duo. 


Amanda applied her signature pop art style to this collage-focused film, and shares the journey of a song created with few expectations, but which has become not only a top staple of European disco, but also synonymous with iconic fashion and beauty brands including Dior, Paco Rabanne, and Charlotte Tilbury – some of which Amanda is becoming synonymous with herself.