The concept of French Touch is the representation of Nothing, of a turbo-capitalist and completely postmodern society. Everything is based on removing the meaning of the term French Touch, no longer understood as a musical genre, but as a lifestyle, as the essence of a country that has always held The Coolness, but which is often this excessive attention to lifestyle to remove consistency from reality. The clue of this concept is expressed by Yoga, the coolest sport for body and soul.


As The Point Magazine said: “Yoga speaks to something innately excitable in the European cultural imagination: the seductive idea that you can improve yourself in the interest of all humanity. Stretch your legs, stretch your soul. It’s cosmopolitan egotism: build a better you, build a better planet. “

Photography: Camilla Rocca (@penflont)
Styling: Lodovica Pagano (@paninowithtacchino), Aurora Manni (@aurorarossamanni)

Make-up: Camilla Iacobitti (@c.m.ll)
Hair styling: Clara Spadoni (@clarasp_makeup)

Models: Yaz Yücel (@yazyuceil), Michela Lamorgese (@michi_lamo), Diletta Bellotti (@dilettabellotti), Milana Vakarchuk (@milanavakarchuk), Iva Varvachuk (@unpesos), Madeleine Bex (@madoooshkka), Tomàs Ayerbe (@tom.ayerbe), Julius Westra (@julius.westra), Alessio Hong (@hlessio)

Mark Ceiling/European Vampire (@markceiling)
Lorenzo Sutto/European Vampire (@redbrickhead)
Production by European Vampire (@european_vampire)