Yevonde Girl Reimagined

Miu Miu’s New Campaign Is an Ode to Powerful Feminity

Established in 1993 by Miuccia Prada, granddaughter of Prada’s founder Mario Prada, Miu Miu is the most unrestrained portrayal of Miuccia Prada’s creativity and very embodiment of modern Milanese style. Born with a younger spirit, the brand is meant to challenge the definition of traditional aesthetics while emancipating the woman’s consciousness. The Miu Miu girl became a symbol of innocence and playfulness. Their style highlights the naive yet extraordinary forms of the fashion house’s designs, demonstrating the most rebellious and provocative core of contemporary femininity.


As a trendsetter and one of the most beloved brand amongst stylists nowadays, Miu Miu launches a new campaign for its iconic Arcadie and Wander bags, celebrating the emblematic matelassé elegance in newest hues. Under the creative direction of Edward Quarmby and the styling of Lotta Volkova, photographer Steven Miesel uses his tender but powerful camera language to demonstrate modern femininity. Interpreted by supermodel Gigi Hadid, the image of immortalized Yevonde ladies in the 1930s comes into sight, transforming into a modern Miu Miu girl vividly.

The campaign takes inspiration from the works of Yevonde, the famous British photographer who made a pioneering revolution in coloured portrait photography. As a beacon of female freedom and independence, she was actively involved in feminism and women’s suffrage movements. Yevonde started working as a photographer at the age of 21, at a time when female professions were limited. Throughout her career, she manifested a confident tone of voice in her beliefs. By signing her works with her own name instead of using a men-like or gender neutral pseudonym, she blatantly underlined her female identity. Back in 1920s, it was uncommon for women to have their own career and creative personalisation. Despite all the odds in the societal aspects that went against her, Yevonde assumed her place in artistic photography by her well-thought colour palette and surrealistic silhouette of human being, objects, flowers and foliage and clothes that are united in a utopian composition. Through the lens of Steven Meisel, the distinctive style of Yevonde and the meaningful messages about feminism behind her work coincide with Miu Miu’s DNA, colliding into an unforgettably beautiful and powerful fashion campaign.


Launched internationally on April 8th 2024, the new Miu Miu Arcadie and Wander bag campaign is an authentic and colorful ode to Miu Miu’s perfection in unconventionally feminine design and youthful creativity that transcend boundaries. On top of the classic cognac and caramel color, the new Arcadie and Wander bags are available also in the new color of the season: bright orange and soleil yellow, ready to glow up your spring wardrobe in vivacious tints