Where Rebellion

Meets Luxury

Zadig & Voltaire Unveils its Lifestyle Capsule Collection Voltaire Vice

As an avid advocator of “effortless luxury”, Paris-based fashion house Zadig & Voltaire champions achievable fashion inspiration in chic style. Since its inception, the brand rejects the elitist attitude and distant posture prevalent in the contemporary fashion world, establishing a proximity with its customers through rebellious and avant-garde design.


Not promoting their core value only in the realm of fashion, Zadig & Voltaire once again pushes the boundaries and extends its tentacles to the lifestyle sector. With its latest lifestyle capsule collection: Voltaire Vice, the brand turns everyday objects into desirable fashion accessories. The collection represents a distinctive uniqueness, shedding new lights on how we perceive these quotidian objects: Whether superficially practical or addictively superfluous, they are all reinterpreting art and style in their own way.

Celebrating an unconventional rebellion against the ordinary, the capsule collection draws inspiration from the free-spirited ethos of the label – a testament to the raw, unapologetic energy, which has defined Zadig & Voltaire since its foundation. Choosing black and gold as key tone, the collection blends the rock ‘n’ roll rebellion and understated luxury perfectly.


Called “Matches Made in Heaven”, the black match box and its accompanying refined lighter, golden lighter case and ashtray with corrugated silhouette catches the eyeballs instantly. Considered the centerpiece of the collection, they encapsulate the spirit of modern maverick. With the defiant motto “Je m’en fous” (French slang for “I don’t give a damn”) printed around the edges of the match box, the rebellious energy is fully embodied.

Famous for its leather design, objects in leathers are omnipresent in the capsule. From hair bobbles to gloves and bracelets, the collection spruces its customers up with leatherware from head to fingertips. An adorable charm named “Happy Devil Key Ring” is also on the list. Made 100% by calfskin, the cute little devil adds a tincture of playfulness to the collection’s chic and sleek style. Other interesting pieces include a set of luxurious looking poker cards – printing all in black, silver and gold, a set of rock ‘n’ roll dice game set with gold-tone dice and leather game mat, a golden bottle opener in the shape of an angel’s wings – echoing the label’s eternal winged emblem, and the helmets created in collaboration with Marco Helmets, adorned also with wings motifs.


Much more than a one-time drop, the Voltaire Vice capsule collection is considered an extension of Zadig & Voltaire’s desire to the field of expression, while merging the art of lifestyle and fashion. All in all, it is an invitation to us all to celebrate the beauty in simplicity, and the extraordinary in the everyday.


The Voltaire Vice lifestyle capsule collection is now out worldwide on Zadig & Voltaire’s official website .

Text: Yves Tsou