Simple, structural and somewhat sophisticated. London-based designer Syuan Jhen Lin showcased her latest project “The Statue of Ambiguity” on August 3rd, 2023 at London’s Finsbury Park during the gig of hip-hop singer Refound and DJ Joy.


Born in Taiwan, Syuan Jhen Lin relocated to London to pursue her fashion studies at London College of Fashion after winning a design competition of wedding gowns. Hailing from Asia and living in Europe, her design is an eclectic fusion of the oriental and occidental culture. She specializes in pattern-making and garment construction, and is proficient at converting her avant-garde vision into enchanting storytelling.

Titled “The Statue of Ambiguity”, Syuan Jhen’s latest collection is a reflection on how society shapes our predetermined images of behaviors, or the so-called stereotypes, on others. These stereotypes tell us how to perceive a person by the way they look, the way they dress or the way they carry themselves; and oftentimes, lead to categorizing others in a somewhat polarizing opposite.


However, things are not always how they seem to be from the surface. We tend to forget that we are all independent units that have multiple façades. Our characteristics can be viewed differently by different people from different angles. The world is non-binary, there is actually a large area in between called the ambiguity. That state of ambiguity is the element which makes our stories more lively and multi-dimensional.

Inspired by the ambiguity in our personality, Syuan Jhen wants to manifest her theory by playing with the texture and pattern in her design. Considering clothing a soft sculpture attached to the human body, she blends the elements from both menswear and womenswear to create the unique silhouettes that best express her vision. Throughout this experimentation, she wants to challenge the duality of traditional garment and create something neutral for everyone.


The experiment seems pretty successful. The juxtaposition of different elements makes her design extremely interesting. Just like our multi-faceted personalities, the shape and form of her design are not one-dimensional. It seems to be a normal top from the side; however, it becomes an undulating structure while seeing it from the front. The same concept applies to the trousers and the hat, looking plain from the front while being a sculptural form from different angles.

Currently, Syuan Jhen is preparing for the launch of her own brand. With her past experience in bridal wear, evening gown and ready-to-wear design, she wants to use her garment to challenge the societal norms and promote a more inclusive gender perspective. “Fashion wields the power to influence ideas and disrupt established paradigms.” She said, believing this concept to be innovative and impactful enough to inspire transformation in our society. The future of our society is unknown, so is hers. But we believe that with these proactive visions, we could create a more inclusive, diverse and welcoming community for those who are in their state of ambiguity.

Photography: London Nanzi 倫敦男子日常 (@london.nanzhi)

Fashion: Syuan Jhen Lin (@syuan_style)

Models: Refound (@refound__), Joy Shin (@zzbluee)

Text: Yves Tsou