The Digital Fashion Revolution

The luxury upcycling brand Rave Review transports their craft to the metaverse.

Rave Review, the female-led, high-end upcycling brand from Stockholm have officially entered the NFT sphere with their brand-new collection Cryptopanties. The set of one-off collectible items has been released on the carbon-neutral blockchain Solana.

The Swedish fashion house, born in 2017, has rapidly emerged as one of the leading upcycling brands in the luxury market. In the physical world, they have made a name for themselves utilising pre-owned fabrics to produce bespoke high-end items with a rebellious spirit. Now they are bringing this very concept to the metaverse, keeping their core values of subverting norms and upcycling at the heart of the project.

One of the key goals of the campaign within the metaverse, an emerging digital space that has already become male-dominated. In order to achieve this, not only have Rave Review collaborated with several female led groups such as RedDAO, Boys Club and Women’s Tribe, but they have also partnered the project with leading female personalities like Arvida Byström and Tove Styrke. On top of this, each set of panties has been named after trailblazing women in the creative industries, such as Frida Kahlo, Madonna and Erykah Badu.

Not only acting as futuristic pieces of art, the Cryptopanties NFTs will provide their holders with a variety of perks, in both the digital and physical worlds. Via the community platform WERZ, the holders have access to a community vast in gender, interests, and expressions. Furthermore, ownership of the NFTs also allows early access to drops, collaborations, and exclusive events. These groundbreaking steps taken by the ever innovative Rave Review offer us a progressive picture of what the future holds in the metaverse.

Words: Harvey Byworth-Morgan