PUCCI: The Beginning of a New Era

Camille Miceli’s first collection for PUCCI marks the dawn of a new era for the Florentine fashion house.

Camille Miceli, the Florentine fashion house Pucci’s newly assigned Artistic Director

The launch of Camille Miceli’s debut as PUCCI’s Artistic Director was far more than just a new collection, it was a rebirth. The brand’s new direction focuses on the ultra-contemporary, both in terms of style and way of life. This vision sees past the restrictiveness of seasonal releases and embraces the ‘see now, buy now’ spirit of monthly drops. Whilst this new ethos is incredibly modern, Miceli has ensured that the house does not lose sight of its history, hence why the first destination of this new journey is Emilio Pucci’s beloved Capri, where the brand’s first boutique opened in 1951.

Titled La Grotta Azzurra’, this release took the form of an entire weekend experience comprised of dinner, a yoga class, a villa party co-hosted with Mytheresa, a gran brunch, and more. Brand ambassadors and contemporary creatives ranging from Vittoria Ceretti to Gunna were in attendance for the festivities on the island.

Miceli at the Capri Casual dinner with Katia Toledano, Nicolas Maury and Imruh Asha

The Pucci yoga class in collaboration with Mytheresa

The spirit of the collection itself completely defies the conventions of the fashion world; the nomadic wardrobe does not confine itself to any one season or destination, allowing it to be mixed and matched as desired. This mix-and-match concept is also embraced in the reworking of PUCCI’s iconic motifs. Typically kaleidoscopic prints such as Geometrico, Girandole, Marmo and more have been reinterpreted via patchworking, as well as experimentation with scale, offering a modern impression on the house’s roots.

The modernisation of the house’s roots can again be seen with its brand-new logo. Inspired by a 1953 ‘Capri Sport’ label retrieved from the archives, the houses new chapter is spearheaded with an intertwining dual fish, shaped as an emblematic P. It features in various forms, as a belt buckle, jewellery, adorning sweatshirts, and more. Drawing on the joie de vivre essence of Capri, the collection offers caftans, kimonos, miniskirts and more, with details of fringes and ribbons giving it a true sense of crafted luxury.

Designed for ‘the timeless simplicity of a fleeting moment’, this is a collection which manages to feel distinctly modern yet unmistakably PUCCI; pieces have graceful curvature, yet transcend the boundaries of gender. The triumph in Miceli’s first collection is its ability to feel simultaneously refreshing and familiar, and its just a taster of what’s to come from the Parisian designers tenure at the historic brand.

Miceli grooving with Gunna at the Bagni di Tiberio luncheon

(left) Tiffany Hsu, Fashion Buying Diector of Mytheresa  (right) Emmanuelle Alt and Carlyne Cerf at the Villa Belsito party

Text: Harvey Byworth-Morgan