Bohan Phoenix is an Chinese-American born musician that has been gaining traction in the Chinese Hip-Hop community, as well as the American market.


Bohan has a unique approach to his music – he blends Chinese culture with American Hip-Hop and connects the two cultures through his tasteful ear and impressive thought process.


Photographer Bryan Tormey and Bohan Phoenix took a trip from NYC to LA while listening, creating, and processing Bohan’s album and drawing connections their land shares with the Chinese way of life.


To their amazement – they found themselves immersed in Native Navajo land when arriving out west in America and stunned by their findings. The Native American culture was closely tied to Chinese life by way of Serbia and down through the Americas. They began learning about these close connections and found amazing people and stories along the way.


“Phoenix Rising” reflects their journey and findings of Native Navajo culture and their close ties to American-Chinese culture and how close they all are as a people. The story embodies the path Bohan has been creating, drawing parallels between American culture and his native Chinese background, with the hope to prosper despite our failures and rise from catastrophe – stronger, smarter and more powerful than ever.

Photography: Bryan Tormey (@bryantormey)

Talent: Bohan Pheonix (@bohanphoenix)