Patou x Mytheresa: Very the Parisian Feel

The exclusive capsule collection elaborates the definition of “Parisian Chic” with intricate yet durable designs

“Elegance, beauty, fine arts and fantasy, in these four words you’ll find my collections.” said Jean Patou, founder of the century-old couture house Patou.


Formerly known as Maison Jean Patou, the eponymous fashion house was founded after the idea of liberating women from their restrictive and uncomfortable attire. Known as “the most elegant man in Europe”, designer Jean Patou lowered the necklines, removed the corsets, loosened the silhouettes and shortened the skirts, designing evening dresses with simplicity and chicness. The ambition of this visionary further launched a sports line designed to be worn in daily life. His idea was groundbreaking, and the reception is phenomenal.


Back at that time, the clientele of the fashion house spans from celebrities in Hollywood to the elite in Paris. However, it all ended after the sudden passing of Jean Patou in 1936. The brand lost its aura and went off from the fashion world’s radar. Though deceased at a relatively young age, the legacy Jean Patou has left were precious and meaningful. His accomplishment in womenswear design is highly recognizable, and the fashion house has long been regarded as a pioneer in the transformation of womenswear.

Knowing the backstory of the brand and admiring the achievement of Jean Patou, LVMH acquired the dormant fashion house in 2018 and rebranded it as Patou. The newly revived Patou appointed Guillaume Henry as the artistic director, bringing a breath of joyfulness and refinement to its elegant and fashionable brand DNA. Today, Patou embodies Parisian chic with a touch of glamour, a twist of modernity and a sense of humor.


After Guillaume Henry took the rein, Patou joins forces with brands and talents from different disciplines on special collaborations, and the latest being the collaboration between Patou and Mytheresa. Launched on May 5th 2023, the exclusive capsule collection is an intricate yet durable design that is made to be lived in. Simple, fresh yet elegant, it epitomizes that chic and confident French urban girl that everyone wants to be. Just like what Guillaume said, “I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Mytheresa on this capsule collection; it captures the essence of Paris, a city that has always been an inspiration at Patou. Whether you’re by the seaside or not, this collection will transport you there and make you feel like you’re on vacation every day of the week. I hope that people will enjoy wearing these pieces as much as we enjoyed creating them!”


The Patou x Mytheresa exclusive capsule collection is sold on from May 5th, 2023 onwards.

Text: Yves Tsou