Paris-based lifestyle and fashion label Maison Kitsuné lands in a landmark collaboration with French-Italian performance sportswear brand K-Way, merged their respective styles into a collection that embodies both elegance and practicality. Balancing aesthetic appeal and fundamental functionality, the capsule collection reinterprets K-Way’s iconic Léon and Claude windbreakers in Café Kitsuné’s inspired distinctive blue and yellow color palette, adding a layer of Parisian sophistication to the utilitarian flair.


Enriched with harmonious hue and sharp contrast, the collection taking cues from Paris’ versatile fashion style. Relaxed and at ease, the vivacious Parisian narrative runs through the entire capsule. A tincture of rebelliousness is added to the predominantly monochromatic design. By applying the unconventional Scottish tartan pattern, the collection infuses a graphic playfulness that creates unforgettable visual impact. The meticulously crafted cuts and tailoring is another highlight. The structured silhouette doesn’t hinder the wearer’s freedom of movement, providing comfort while maintaining fashionable.

The reimagined logos of this special collaboration is also noteworthy. Linked by the alphabet “K”, K-Way’s ever-present K logo is flanked by the lively and adorable fox symbol of Maison Kitsuné in one version of the logo, while subtly replace the “K” in Maison Kitsuné in another version of the logo.


Under the artistic direction of photographer Basile Bertrand, the campaign of the Maison Kitsuné and K-Way capsule collection brings to life a dynamic Parisian tale. Embodying the concept of “Paris by bike,” lovers chase each other on the cobbled streets, exploring the city’s historic monuments and romantic corners, showcasing a refined urban and neo-nomadic lifestyle.


This Maison Kitsuné and K-Way collaboration stands as an ideal choice of blending style and functionality seamlessly into the urban landscape. It is crafted for the discerning fashion and sport lovers for their favorite activities regardless of the weather conditions.