red knitted jersey, jean short QUAZAR

La Déglingue is a series that documents the scheduled disappearance of old cars in the area called Grand Paris.

Grand Paris is an infrastructural mega-project that spans over the city of Paris and the neighbouring districts. The fast-paced modernisation of the territory in question includes reform plans such as the metro grid expansion, the multiplication of cycling lanes on every road and an overall greener transportation network.

Along with these reforms, last year, the Council of Grand Paris enforced a progressive ban of diesel-engined cars older than 2003, for they are deemed too polluting.

In the coming years, as intended by those who want a future bereft of cars for Paris, more cars, old cars, gasoline-powered cars, will vanish from sight.

La Déglingue aims at photographing one last time these beloved cars before bidding them farewell in the name of a more modern modernity and a greener future.

Photography, Art Direction & Fashion: Maxime Michelet (@maxime.michelet)

Models : Malick (@malick.bgr), Selma (@selma_name), Costa (@costabrou), Garance, Baptiste, Bastien, Rémi (@remi100famille)