Indie Sleaze Reimagined

Zadig&Voltaire’s Spring/Summer 2024 Collection: A Look at Fashion’s Edgy New Vanguard

Zadig & Voltaire, an eminent brand that epitomizes the Parisian effortless luxury, constantly introduces unconventional wardrobe proposals to the world of fashion. Carrying on with its establishing rebellious and vanguard DNA, Zadig & Voltaire recently launched its Spring/Summer 2024 collection, boldly advocated the indie sleaze aesthetic. The collection, marked by a fusion of indie culture and rock ‘n’ roll swagger, signals a confident step into a realm of cutting-edge and carefree fashion approach.


Known for blending independent music scene influences with a raw, gritty edge, the spirit of indie sleaze movement is vividly reflected in Zadig & Voltaire’s latest design. Featuring relaxed silhouettes, adventurous textures, and a variety of eclectic prints, the collection stands as a celebration of disobedience, self-expression and individualism.

To visualize the collection’s core essence, Zadig & Voltaire invited renowned photographer Adam Peter and stylist Alex Carl for the campaign. The two outstanding talents teamed up, capturing a series of compelling images. The raw, grungy and unpolished energy of indie sleaze were conveyed through these fascinating images by Adam Peter, emphasizing the rebellious charm and unapologetic poise of each garment. Carl’s styling brings a contemporary sharpness to the table, ensuring each piece resonates as a symbol of modern defiance.


Zadig & Voltaire’s message of the latest season is unequivocal: it’s an invitation to fashion aficionados to step away from the mainstream and delve into the wild charm of indie sleaze. The Spring/Summer 2024 collection not only showcases the brand’s dedication to innovation, but also reaffirms its influence and endeavor in shaping modern fashion narratives.