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Very please to meet you Hart, would you like to introduce yourself a bit to our readers?

Hello I’m Hart Denton. I grew up in a very small town in Arkansas, USA. I’m an actor, musician, writer, and model. I’m obsessed with Mother Earth and I love her very much. I just drove 12,000 miles all over the USA, stopping to camp in different national parks and it was the best experience of my existence.

Most people have probably known you from your killer performance in the series “Riverdale”, (You might said it before, but we still want to know), how did everything start?

My mother and father were very supportive when I was a child growing up and they always put me in dance and acting classes, so I became very comfortable with performing at a young age. Flash forward,I moved to Nashville for a year and then to Los Angeles, and had no money at all. I worked for postmates and delivered food while I drove around listening to interviews of actors and musicians I admired, along with a multitude of self-help motivational type audiobooks. Some nights the only way I was able to eat was win the postmates customer didn’t come to the door after 10 minutes which allowed me to keep the meal. Not only was I preventing myself from starving but I was also opening my palate up to a whole array of flavors and cuisines I didn’t even know existed. I was also auditing many different acting classes (which is when you get to go for free the first time) because I couldn’t afford to actually pay to go. Then after about a year or so of doing that, I booked Riverdale.

Your convincing portrayal of Chic, the mysterious half brother of Lili Reinhart’s fan-favorite character Betty, came right in time in “Riverdale”. How do you bring yourself into the character you are playing?

Well I am myself just like the character came from a place of having absolutely nothing so I related to it in that sense. I also spent a lot of time researching the lives of people in the WebCam industry and was able to understand them. That inevitably led me to removing all judgment I had with preconceived notions, and it allowed me to see, and become, the character freely and openly.

As we know, you are not only an actor but also a model. For you, what’s the difference between of standing in front of a photo-camera and doing it in front of a cine-camera?

Well for the most part in still photography, I am playing a lot of emotions directly to the camera, whereas with a cine-camera, I’m having to act and believe as if there is no camera in the room at all. Other than being captured by both, it’s wildly different.

2020 was a difficult, unpredictable year filled with great transitions of goods and bads. How did 2020 treating you? What have you done in these chaotic times? Did you mature some thoughts on something?

Well as I mentioned I went on a 2 month long road trip all over the United States, and it was the most incredibly enlightening trip of my life. I was able to see America in a way I had never seen before, and saw some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth. At one point my brother and I even ran into two wild wolves in the Grand Tetons which was such a surreal moment to experience. They were so docile and gentle, I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing. The trip taught me so much about what really matters and what doesn’t. It was a big reality check for me. Extremely humbling.

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Though 2020 has not been kind, you still managed to release your debut single “Inside Me”, adding music to your artistic portfolio. Have you always wanted to make music, and how did your musical journey commenced?

Yes I would say music is my first love and passion. I grew up listening to Elvis and Nirvana and always resonated with the music they created. I feel at peace when I’m creating or playing music, it’s a very strong form of therapy for me. I’m glad I was able to take a moment away from acting because of the pandemic and write, record, and release “inside me”. such a chaotic time in the world carved that out for me, so for that I’m grateful.

What are the messages you wish to convey through your song?

The message I want to convey with “is aide me” is that people who go through traumatic heartbreak and pain aren’t alone in that feeling. You aren’t by yourself in a devastating experience. Someone, somewhere can relate. You might forever carry a piece of that pain with you but that’s okay, use it to your advantage.

Do you have any musical icons?

Yes. Elvis and Kurt Cobain.

The pandemic we are going through has forced us to change the way we used to live, and the plans we premeditated. However, dreaming is fundamental, as we still have tomorrows. Do you have any upcoming new projects to share?

I recently collaborated with someone on a song, that I’m very excited to release. It should be out in about two months. I also recently finished a film that I shot in Indiana with some of my best friends, which should be out at the end of the year and I think it’s going to be a great film. I have another film coming out called American Cherry that will be released very soon.

Last but not least, do you consider yourself a “sex symbol”?

I suppose everything is a sex symbol to someone. That term is very fluid and formidable. When I look at something and see sex, you might not at all. So I suppose that’s objective. My self reflective thoughts fuel my desires as yours should too. We should all be our own sex symbol.


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Photographer: Fernando Sippel (@fernandosippel)

Stylist: Cat Pope (@cat_pope22)

Grommer: Alex T (@alextbeauty)

Model: Hart Denton (@hartdenton) @ IMG Models Worldwide


Interview: Yves Tsou, Mattia Cantoni