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Courrèges x Mytheresa’s Modern Wardrobe Proposal

Space Age fashion representative Courrèges has launched a capsule collection in collaborations with pioneering online luxury retailer Mytheresa. Featuring a total of 17 pieces, the exclusive collection highlights a monochromatic palette that combines Courrèges’ signature futuristic aesthetic with a contemporary sensibility, embodying the timeless elegance of Parisian fashion.


Once a synonym of futuristic, Courrèges projected the people’s desire for space exploration and unknown future at that time. As one of the coolest brands in 1960s, Courrèges took the Parisian fashion scene by storm with its simple and cutting-edge visual image, industrialist design and optimistic sporty style. Sending models down the runway with mini skirt, pants, goggles and helmets, Courrèges’ avant-garde concept and full-of-personality design approach revamped the fashion trend of post-war era. In those turbulent years when fashion people in Paris were in pursuit of extremely vanity and gorgeousness, Courrèges’ bold proposition of dressing women in super short mini skirt and trouser that have traditionally been part of the male wardrobe was undoubtedly revolutionary, pinnacling the brand onto the top of Paris fashion hot list before it went silent.

Since 2020, Belgium designer Nicolas Di Felice was appointed as the newest artistic director of this forgotten fashion house. Under the helm of this energetic young man, the magical revival started. Influenced by the rave culture, he infused a clear, modern vision to Courrèges’ notable cutting-edge design. He stayed true to the clean lines and silhouettes for which the fashion house is famous, incorporating them with new materials and fabrics in order to focus on quality and innovation. The rejuvenation came with great success, gaining huge visibility worldwide. Courrèges once again returned to the public eye.


Seeing its endless potential, Mytheresa teamed up with Courrèges for this exclusive capsule collection. Curated by Nicolas Di Felice, the collection combines Courrèges’ iconic heritage with the dynamic rhythm of today’s fashion world. Designed for modern women in any occasion, the collection offers versatility to their everyday wardrobe. Extending seamlessly from daily casualwear to sophisticated dinners then to the energetic dance floor, the capsule epitomizes the transition of fashion clothing from daytime to nighttime.

Lensed by photographer Jorin Koers and featured by model Ren Qing, the campaign visualizes Nicolas’ vision with an immersive environment of nearly heavenly purity, conveying an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication. Selling exclusively and globally on from April 3rd, 2024, the Courrèges x Mytheresa capsule collection takes us back to the iconic Space Age with contemporary appeal and a dose of nostalgia.

Text: Yves Tsou