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Foulart is a project made by Francesca Vigna who works as creative consultant and vintage selector between Paris and Milan. Her textile knowledge and trends sensibility pushed Francesca to create FOULART, headbands-turbans made in Paris. Every piece is unique, with its story. FOULART is a vintage project: these accessories are second-hand foulards, scarfs or garments that regain strength thanks to this new shape.

It’s been decided to shoot FOULART with different look and styling, to show how versatile and fresh an headband can be. All the pieces are Francesca’s vintage selection.

I am a vintage selector and creative consultant with a deep sensibility on trends and an acquired knowledge of historical and contemporary fashion brands.

I’ve been forecasting trends through vintage since 2003 and I’ve been working for international companies while simultaneously teaching at the collegiate level.

In 2013 I founded Rommageroom – a multidisciplinary project that shows my aim to tell stories, select vintage, create styling, decorate and give a new chance to vintage and second-hand.

For IED Moda Milano I’ve created a course which is the only one of its kind in Italy. It is giving the tools to develop creative research books and paths to be followed by fashion designers, stylists, and fashion communicators.

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photo: A+M (Anna Montesi+Mattia Mirandola)

style: Elisa Anastasino

hair: Liv Holst

make up: Ai Cho