jacket & skirt ELISABETTA FRANCHI, shirt P.A.R.O.S.H, jewelry Cori’s own

Close to Me:Interview with Cori Amenta

Photographer: Ilenia Modica

dress THE B., shoes CORI AMENTA

When did you decide that fashion was your way? What is your earliest memory related to it?


I was born and raised in my mother’s boutique and tailors shop; it was here that I first felt an unbearable need for fashion, elegance and levity. Within the years I understood it’s the most immediate way to get closer to the status we’ve been aspiring for since we were young: after all, we only are our true selves when we’re naked or under the shower; besides that, we just dress up as who we would want to be. And this goes both for housewives and lawyers.



What does it mean to be a trans woman today in fashion and in Italy?


Trans lives in general have to take account of other’s prejudices, in every sector. Also within the fashion industry, which is obviously a gold cage at almost exclusive gay use, and we (really few) have to struggle way more to get to things that for others might be often expected and given for granted.

shirt P.A.R.O.S.H, belt ONE LOVE BELTS, pants PIERRE MANTOUX, bag TARÌ, sunglasses MAX & CO

What would you change about this industry to make it truly inclusive, beyond the often façade claims on social media?


This is a complex question that would require specific studies on the subject matter. What I, independently of my lack of knowledge in the field, would want to succeed is talent – which is not strictly related to “connections”. Italy is still very attached to this mentality, it’s probably part of our dna, I don’t think it will change, at least not immediately.



During the just-concluded edition of the Sanremo Festival, you dressed Achille Lauro. Already last year, his eccentric stage presence and the artistic looks curated by Alessandro Michele had been harshly criticized and misunderstood. This year, even some members of the Church have spoken harshly after the symbolic kiss on stage between Achille and his producer Boss Doms. Do you think that musical icons as Lauro can really contribute to the breaking of homophobic retrograde cultural barriers in a country as traditionalist as Italy?


Starting by saying that Achille Lauro wore a pair of shoes from my collection which Nick Cerioni, his stylist, chose for him, I have to say that – despite being all references tied to 70’s stars (from David Bowie to Renato Zero) – I believe a new energy in a conservative theatre like the Ariston just lightened a long heavy show. I’ve seen so many alternative couples this year…will it be a new trend?

dress THE B., shoes VIRILI

skirt, leotard, coat, collar & bag CLIPS, boots VIRILI, earrings stylist’s own vintage CHANEL, sunglasses GUCCI

bodysuit & skirt ADELBEL

You are a multifaceted character, you will soon launch a series of ceramics and objects born from the Sicilian tradition filtered by your creative eye. Where does this project come from?


One thing a lot of people don’t know about me – distracted by my shoe collections or my styling work – is that, many years ago in Syracuse, I attended Art Institute specializing in plastic art decoration. Conceiving a ceramics collection was immediately thrilling to me and I realised something I had studied with great passion.



Milan is your professional headquarter and the city from which you were adopted, but your origins are Sicilian. What does it mean to be Sicilian for you and how do you see the present and the future of this beautiful island?


I’m a genuine Sicilian who has established in Milan many years ago. Here I found work, love, I have a house…but my roots are in Sicily, I always go back, I have family. My ceramics collection will be produced between Caltagirone and Noto, I’m developing a series of activities that will allow me to enjoy my beloved land way more. Obviously my Milanese reality will continue to stay – as in all respectable adoptions, Noto is were I was born, but Milan is were I grew up, it’s my full-fledged mother.

kaftan & bag PESCEPAZZO, shoes VIRILI

In which other fields, besides fashion and design, would you like to range?


Other than my shoe collections and my collaborations as a stylist, I also design settees for a renewed Italian company , I’ve just finished a capsule collection that will be on sale this Spring/Summer 2021 for a famous Italian brand, I’m designing along with my architect two villas in Sicily, I have just signed a contract with a record label for a new Italian singer (very talented)…I would like to do more, way more even if honestly I think it’s already ok, don’t you think?



The line of shoes you created was born from your, and many models, personal need: namely the lack of aesthetically relevant footwear above a certain size. Are there any other needs that you have not yet answered through your brand?


My collection was born from a very serious logistic issue: the lack of cool footwear over size 40. Obviously I also sell classic sizes, I would love to also develop an accessory line and, why not, clothing, but given the moment we’re living…it’s better to remain with our feet on the ground and be thankful to have survived one of the worst moments ever happened. Let’s talk about it next year! A sincere hug and thanks to all readers of CAP74024 ❤️



Talent: Cori Amenta (@coriamentaofficial)


Photographer: Ilenia Modica (@ileniamodicaphoto)

Stylist: Enrica Miller (@enricamiller)

MUA: Elena Gaysina (@gaysina.elena)

Hair Stylist: Mirko Battipaglia (@mirkobattipaglia)

Lights: Alessandro Pardo (@pardo_alessandro)

Interview by Mattia Cantoni