Ca'del Bosco Sculpture Award

The FInest Combination Between Art and Wine

Located between the southern end of Lago d’Iseo and Brescia, Franciacorta is a hilly region famous for its eponymous sparkling wine. The high-quality sparkling wine shares the same production method as champaign, and has a very strict regulations on the definition of this world class sparking wine.


Born in the Franciacorta region, Ca’del Bosco is one of the most recognizable wineries producing Franciacorta sparkling wine. Listening to the reality and complexity of Nature, Ca’del Bosco believes in the protection of organic viticulture and invests in innovation, research and technology, integrating their knowledge in wine production with the potential of the earth. Their products include the finest Franciacorta sparkling wine, white wine and red wine. The pursuit of quality is in Ca’del Bosco’s identity, and the enhancement of art and culture is their belief.

Sharing a similar pursue of preserving the excellence, Ca’del Bosco teamed up with Venetian Heritage — international non-profit organization that safeguards and preserves the legacy the Republic of Venice’s artistic beauties — for the organization of the first edition of “Ca’del Bosco Sculpture Award”. It’s the first competition in Italy reserved for large outdoor sculptures made by artists under 40 years old. With the motto of “Restoring the past, building the future”, Ca’del Bosco wished to strengthen the bond that exists between the art and the company’s philosophy, and to sponsor infinite capability and imagination of the new artistic generation.


The competition is divided into several stages: between 21 May 2023 and 15 June 2023, the competition jury will select the artist to be invited to the competition; in May 2024 (estimated), the first three classified will be awarded; and finally in October 2024 (estimated), the winning work will be inaugurated. The winning works will be placed in the Art and Wine Gallery in Ca’del Bosco’s vineyards in Erbusco, and will become the property of Ca’ del Bosco.


In celebration of the opening and the introduction of the competition, Ca’del Bosco and Venetian Heritage invited a parterre of selected guests to Venice for a series of events full of art and culture. The guests indulged themselves in an anthem concert performed by a catholic choir inside the Basilica di San Marco. Thanks to the fund that Venetian Heritage raised, the historic monument Ambone dell’Epistola of the Basilica di San Marco was newly restored. The celebration ensued with a convivial dinner hosting under the moonlight of Venice, in the city’s first official casino Antico Ridotto della Serenissima. Ca’del Bosco unveiled the Sculpture Award in this gorgeously ornate banquet room, toasting for their achievements in art and culture with the finest wine.

Text: Yves Tsou