European Vampire is the last experiment by musician and model Lorenzo Sutto and producer Mark Ceiling. ‘Tom Ford‘, is the debut single and first track of the upcoming album, released on the 5th of May 2020.

European Vampire is both romantic and ruthless, both intimate and paradigmatic. It is a project originated in 2018 from the friendship and complicity of Lorenzo Sutto and Mark Ceiling, but it has always been in the mind of the singer as a cinematographic tale more than just a music product.

European Vampire is a collage of contemporary realities and its auto-biographical asset always keeps it non-linear. The songs follow the development and the growth of the character through his personal experience, as a romantic antagonist that one might find on a night of debauchery.

Every song of the upcoming album represents a different moment of European Vampire’s evolution and metaphorical journey towards self-awareness as a post-contemporary society consumer. ‘Tom Ford’, the single out on the 5th of May, is presented as the first chapter of this dystopian tale.

‘Tom Ford’ is youth, lost innocence and consequential abuse of power: European Vampire is a monster already and introduces us to his cruel pastimes. ‘Tom Ford’ is the unsettling stamina of perfection. Surrealist and schizophrenic, French language recalls the fashion world and its Parisian after-parties. The brand’s name is an homage to the bold aggressiveness of the early 2000’s.

Photographer: Aurora Manni (@aurorarossafiammante)

Talents: European Vampire (@european_vampire)