Collaboration between Olivia Ghalioungui & Julen Iztueta

Olivia and Julen collaborated on a series of images, remixing them into collage format to combine the elements that inspire both of them. From nature and the physical body, these inspirations serve as an expression of the identity and the self. Parts of the way we see ourselves may sometimes feel broken and mangled, and a lot of the time people can find themselves in nature again. Through the action of ripping – which symbolizes the aggressive and oftentimes harsh view we have of ourselves, and placing the different pieces in naturescapes, it all seems to fit and the chaos balances itself out again. Then, in some other images, the pieces of the body are scattered, representing the chaos surrounding self-image and identity when lost.

Photographer: Olivia Ghalioungui (@oliviaghalioungu)

Collage Artist: Julen Iztueta (@juleniztueta)