Sofia Fanego is a seeker of the marvellous; an artist under the skin of nature. Fanego realizes carefully hand constructed compositions on Japanese paper with a delicate hand mixing dried flowers, pages from old books, photos… The resulting texture is a sublime amalgamation. In an interview for Unpolished magazine Brit Parks defines her “a scientist of the hearth employing collage as her medium. She synthesizes dried fleurs with images taken on her analogue camera or a dig through ancient global books. Her depths are set by impulse and emotive connections.” The mini film we realized synthesizes the expression from her soul and her physical image in the landscape of a wonderful castle in Normandy. Modelling, acting, taking pictures, collages, dancing, singing bowls, writing poems is a way for her to understand life lyrically and musically

sequined dress GEMY MAALOUF

sequined dress GEMY MAALOUF

velvet shirt SANDRA MANSOUR

sequined dress GEMY MAALOUF

velvet shirt & pants SANDRA MANSOUR

feather jacket MIHANO MOMOSA

Muse: Sofia Fanego (@sofia.fanego)

Image Creative Art: Phoenix Photography (@phoenix_studioart_)

Image Creative Retoucher & Video Editor: Denno Gamboa (@dennogamboa)

Creative Assistant: Matias Sasaki (@matiassasaki)

Casting & Art Producer: Polis (@polisview)

Special thanks to Giorgia Viola (@giorgiaviolacom)