Photography | Marco Gehlhar & Alice Fassi

The project “Nekros” was carried out in different sites through Greece, in particular on the island of Milos.

The Greek word “Nekros” , as employed in Omero’s Odissey, has two different connotations , meaning “corpse “ but also “defunct”, the latter representing something that has a life – after life itself. Something very much alive or at least vital although in a very different way from life as we think of it.

Once disowned and forgotten an object loses its purpose, letting itself go to be engulfed by the embrace of nature. – Abandoned – they abandon themselves to the flow of things, finding a new balance. It is the end of an existence, or a return to before “being”, a release from the the fatigue of meaning.

A sense of peace emanates from this loss of purpose. Buildings, vehicles and everyday objects sleep silently, camouflaged in nature as if wanting to go unnoticed, yet striking in their armony with the environment as if becoming a monument to a lost memory.

Photography: Marco Gehlhar (@marcogehlhar), Alice Fassi (@alice.fassi)