"The Unknown Project" by Sylvain Norget

Why are we all fascinated by stars pictures? Because they are beautiful? Because we love them? Because everybody knows them? Not necessarily. Every time we look at a star’s picture, it tells us automatically a story made by memories, by envy, by desires, by movies, by musics. The photo is a call to the imagination.
Take Clint Eastwood’s photo by Patrick Swirc, simple portrait in black and white, but extraordinary face, torn up by these sublime wrinkles, lit by this incredible, strong, raw and hard light. The photo takes the breath away, it is brilliant of simplicity. The photo tells nothing, she shows. And we imagine. We all have Clint Eastwood in our memory, we all saw one of his movies at least once, we all listened to him speaking about cinema. It is this memory which amplifies the beauty of the photo.
And if all this was accessible to everybody?
And if a stranger became a star?
And if this stranger was you?

Sylvain Norget – www.butportraiture.com

The Unknown Project