The exhibition

Ten years can seem short, barely enough to get a taste of life; ten years can be long, long enough to nourish a dream. Tales Around Desire is a photographic journey through the milestones that have marked CAP 74024’s editorial path.
A tribute to the creative minds and special personalities that we have featured in our pages over the years. From painters to architects, musicians to filmmakers, and all the artists who make it known to the world: we are here.
A constellation of not-so-ordinary people that seduced us with their charm, leaving an indelible imprint in the firmament of this decade-long voyage. Their distinctive style, influence, and vision have become inseparable from the very essence of CAP 74024.
Isabelle Huppert, Laetitia Casta, Willem Dafoe, Bob Wilson, Vincent Cassel, Isabella Rossellini, Ricky Martin, Carla Bruni, Sky Ferreira, Roberto Bolle, Lou Doillon, Jared Leto, Lina Wertmüller, Mahmood, Vanessa Paradis, Måneskin, Karen Elson: all shot by photographers both globally acclaimed and edgy, such as Steven Klein, Bruce Weber, David Luraschi, Matthew Brookes, Ruven Afanador, Pierre-Ange Carlotti, Brett Lloyd, Dudi Hasson and David Black, to name but a few. A collective depiction of individuals whose diverse backgrounds have always embodied the spirit of the magazine. Through these glimpses into their lives, we have explored the symbiotic relationship between muse and creator.
Since the very beginning, CAP 74024 has stood for family and community.
Tales Around Desire honours the visionaries who have shared their perception of beauty and furthered the magazine’s passion for the art that shapes our world. A magazine, yes, but equally a place where youthful energy has an active and participatory role. Private moments and dynamic cultures depicted in images that portray what we expect and want from culture and beauty: diversity, inclusiveness and experimentation with new forms and languages. Quintessential pedestals of our DNA.
And finally, Tales Around Desire is a tribute to the alchemy and intimate tapestry of love and connection that CAP 74024 has woven over the years. The exhibition delves into the complexities of the heart, celebrating the myriad forms of intimacy and the profound moments that define us. It is a tribute to love stories that resonate with the essence of what it means to be human.

About CAP 74024

Founded in 2014 by Antonio Moscogiuri, CAP 74024 is a Europe-based biannual magazine that concentrates on the realm of art, fashion, and culture. Its thinking revolves around beauty, desire and aesthetics. Conceived as a snapshot of contemporary reality, CAP 74024 has transformed from an independent magazine to a pioneering publication within the fashion industry. Captured by outstanding names in photography and styling, the icons gracing CAP 74024’s pages span pop culture and the independent scene in cinematography, music, fashion, and art.
Cultural anthology and recognised style bible, CAP 74024’s distinctive vision has inspired one decade and is ready to start another. As its motto has declared since the very first issue: #LookAtMe.

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