A Viennese Rendez-vous

Mytheresa and Miu Miu's Holiday Gala

Marleen Roubik, Anouk Lamm Anouk, Sofie Royer

In the historic heart of Vienna, a city where tradition waltzes with modernity, a grand celebration unfolded. Mytheresa, in concert with the esteemed fashion brand Miu Miu, targeted by Lyst as the hottest brand of the moment, hosted a two-day event, imbued with elegance and exclusivity, to usher in the holiday season.

The experience commenced at the majestic Upper Belvedere Palace, a symbol of the imperial grandeur. Within its hallowed halls, illuminated by the warm glow of candels and embellished with dark red flowers, the guests were embraced by a tableau of sophistication. The attendees were treated to a private tour of the most extensive Gustav Klimt collection in the venerable Upper Belvedere Palace. This visual feast of Klimt’s celebrated works, set against the backdrop of Viennese historical splendor. The grandiose hall, adorned with intricate frescoes and golden embellishments, hosted a tableau where light danced off polished surfaces and shadows played along the edges, creating an atmosphere of timeless elegance. This exclusive gathering marked a beginning to the season’s celebrations.

Julia Hobbs, Pixie Geldof, Poppy Delevingne, Raven Smith.

Manon Bresch, Jihoon Kim

As the night progressed, the soiree’s ambiance shifted to the dining room where culinary art awaited. Two elongated tables, arrayed in unblemished white linens, stood ready for the banquet prepared by the esteemed Chef Johannes Nuding. In this setting, guests like Poppy Delevingne, Pixie Geldof, Raven Smith and Manon Bresh, convened to savor the gastronomic masterpieces.

The juxtaposition of the room’s classical architecture with the sumptuous, modern fare created a harmonious blend of past and present. Adding a touch of whimsy to the elegant affair, celebrated stylist and cake artist Sophia Stolz presented a dazzling array of desserts, way more than just sweet treats. They were masterpieces of culinary art, delighting the senses and adding a layer of enchantment to the evening.

Sophia Stolz

Julia Hobbs

Zinnia Kumar, Mergim Shabani

The revelry continued to the next day with a refined lunch at the five-star Hotel Sacher, a bastion of Viennese elegance and luxury. Famous worldwide for its modernized ‘Sacher Torte’, adark chocolate glazed sponge cake with layers of apricot jam, the hotel pushing the traditional Austrian culinary heritage to the pinnacle.

Each moment of the celebration was crafted with care and attention to detail, reflective of the warmth and familiarity that are hallmarks of Mytheresa events. From the selection of the venues to the intricacies of the program, every element was a nod to the art of fine hosting.

This two-day fête by Mytheresa and Miu Miu stood as a testament to the power of collaboration and elevate the essence of celebration, leaving a mark on the hearts of those who were part of this special Viennese rendez-vous.