My Women.

To transform in images the elegance of a body, of a moment, of a thought. Just a lesson in Aesthetics at the University and then the inspiration. A name clear, resonant, that of the italian photographer Luigi Ghirri. Since then the beginning of a new path. A path that crosses the truth and beauty of the images. The road of Claudia Pasanisi is like this, a constant evolution, which affects cities and the major publishing realities: New York, London, Milan, Paris, and then the houses of Glamour, Elle, Esquire, Vanity Fair.

She likes to portray women and men alike. But this time I decided to talk about her women portraits.
Poetic, sharp, never dull, I’m in love with these shots and these figures. True, slight, naturally sensual.
For me, they are “Claudia’s Women”.

Why do you love to shoot women more than men?
Actually I like to photograph men too. I had the opportunity to work with men, from models to actors, writers and designers. Let’s say that lately the fees of the magazines have happened to me more about women.
However, it is definitely a bigger challenge to photograph a man kindly. I think they are more careful and perhaps even more vain than women when they have to expose themselves in pictures.

The salient features of your style.
Concerning to my style, I think the mind is up to the viewer. I only shoot when someone or something expresses elegance. Even when I have a commission, I do not shoot barrage, but only when I realize that everything is beautiful and there is such an elegance that appeals to me and I hope to the others too.

What is for you the voyeurism?
Voyeurism? It is the pleasure of seeing. And in the case of photography, the pleasure of catching what is most striking about the senses.

Tell me a secret…
When I was a child, at kindergarten, I ripped the veil of a nun. I discovered she had a long braid twisted into a chignon and she appeared to me wonderful, immaculate. A statue, with white neck and honey-colored hair.

The love for you in three words.
I do not know what to say about three words to describe love, too difficult.

Interview: Antonio Moscogiuri