Come inside me.

Beyond the skin.

In the circularity of time, two bodies submerged in water // it is necessary to overcome the ego.

Side effects: confusion / loss of self / loss of the horizon / lack of recognition / alteration of perception and of consciousness / remodeling of the physiognomies / extension of the oneiric dimension / lack of gravity / weight loss / hallucination / attenuation of sound perceptions / opacity of the vision / slowdown of gestures / pointlessness of the will.

A liquefied ego that expands its limits.
The skin is no longer the ultimate limit of the existence.
Skin is no longer the border.
In a liquid horizon the mind rediscovers itself fluid / the movement is not intended to an action but to feeling.
The perception of self is freed from the criteria imposed by body policies / there are no canons.
Aesthetic models vanish.
Beauty does not exist / there is only fluid.
It is not important to appear // it is important to pass through.

From the fixity of perceptions to the plurality of processes.

Fusion of bodies in the alteration of perception // photography is an imperfect language.

Silence // time is no more // the river flow takes the images far away.