Historias por Vega y Patiño.

Eduardo Vega-Patiño is a super young and very talented photographer who lives and works in Argentina. He was born and raised in Panamá, then he went to Rosario at the age of 18 to attend the Arts school. We love his pictures, because they are so full of poetry, sensuality and love. It’s so hard to remain indifferent looking at those images. The use of the thecnics, the mix of colours, shadows and lights are so balanced as much as natural and unpredictable. That’s the kind of voyeurism we love.

How was born the idea of Anailogías por Vega y Patiño?
Well, It began with a work I had to do for the university project, the teacher allowed me to use photography and the main idea is to conceptualize a book chapter’s title into an image, so I took one of my friends and I started trying to get a picture that resemble him. I have always wanted to be a storyteller, and I found human nature the most interesting thing, so “Anailogías” means that, a visual image that is also a metaphor of the subjec that is in it.

Which is the idea behind your beautiful and so sexy project?
My idea is to collaborate with artists, from any filed, and I hope that soon I will be able to do some photo installation with huge prints of my pictures on public spaces, but for now, I’m just trying to get better at conceptualizing and getting the best from the people I take pictures.

What do you think when you shoot a picture?
Basically, what makes interesting this person, why am I taking pictures to him or her, and what I wanna tell.

Which are your favourite subjects?
People with interesting stories, creative people and those who change in an intimacy context, the people who surprised me on a photoshoot are the ones who I like the most.

What does it mean for you voyeurism?
A portrait to someone’s intimacy or sexual moment, it depends of the context.

Do you watch porn?
I do from time to time, but as I am seeing a lot of sex in my photoshoots, I have stopped enjoying visual images of sex, and enjoying more the real thing.

Who or what is the favourite subject you would love to shoot the most?
I would love to shoot a day in Xavier Dolan’s life, but also goal is that my ex-boyfriend and best friend, would want to be part of my pictures, he has refused to posed naked.

p.s. The “toilet” shot is my first voyeur shoot ever…


Interview: Antonio Moscogiuri