Relics of Aborted Loves.

Alessio is a young 25 years old Italian talent. He is so young but he has already had several collaborations with prestigious contemporary art galleries. A photography, his own, that draws strength from the charm – now emblazoned ultra – of amateur stuff.
Love or its absence as a source of inspiration, art as a tool in order to blowing up its power. And it is to love, a forbidden love, that Alessio dedicates this collection of personal shots, born from the memory linked to people who have embarked on new paths, on other paths, leaving on him the signs of their passing by.

Relics of Aborted Loves are small images of little things that we used to collect from the beginning of a story, and that we discover, perhaps after a long long time, abandoned in a drawer, lost behind a table, buried at the bottom of a box, when the relationship is already over. In every photo I try to represent in retrospect all those moods linked at the end of my loves, initial hopes, disregarded then, and the loneliness that stands in the end.


Rivedo le tue lettere d’amore
illuminata adesso da un distacco,
senza quasi rancore.
L’illusione era forte a sostenerci
ci reggevamo entrambi negli abbracci,
pregando che durassero gli intenti.
Ci promettemmo il sempre degli amanti,
certi nei nostri spiriti d’idilli.
E hai potuto lasciarmi,
e hai potuto intuire un’altra luce
che seguitasse dopo le mie spalle.
Mi hai suscitato dalle scarse origini
con richiami di musica divina
mi hai resa divergenza di dolore
spazio, per la tua vita di ricerca
per abitarmi il tempo di un errore.
E m’hai lasciato solo le tue lettere,
onde io ribevessi la mia assenza.

A. Merini