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Skin on film

Photography by Davide Padovan.

365 days

Photo project by Fernando Schlaepfer.

Caroline Denervaud

Research through intrinsic movement and forms.

Diane Arbus

Photographs of the eccentrics.


Last ray from the sun.

L’asino d’oro

Thesis project of IED students.


Thesis project of IED students.

The new Riva icons

Rivamare and Riva 76' Bahamas.

An Underwater Essay

Project by Arnaldo Abba.

Haute Food

Shooting by Serena Toffetti.

Pedro Ivan

We were born naked.

The Moving Tales

Video works from the La Gaia Collection.

Fro and to

Domus Academy student project.

The Invitation

Domus Academy student project.


Domus Academy student project.


Come inside me.


Where the eye doesn't look.

Matt Hopkins

The bodies of desire.

Luigi Campa

Luigi Campa by Giorgio Codazzi.