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In The Spotlight

Photography by Marco Malingambi.

Hollywood Essentials

Photography by Christopher Ardell.


Photography Manuel Scrima.

Music, sexuality and future

DJ Hell brings us to his universe.

Family matters

Photography by Claudia Difra.

Full of stories

Photography by Alla Chiara Luzzitelli.

It’s not love

Photography by Giangiacomo Pepe.

As you are

Photography by Emanuele Ferrari.


Photography by Adolfo Valente.

365 days

Photo project by Fernando Schlaepfer.

Fashion Weeks SS 2017

Illustration by Anita Ronga.

The sketch first of all

Fashion illustration by Anita Ronga.


Photography by Alexander Van Keulen.

Perfect not perfect

Photography by Luisa Terminiello.

Unbearable lightness of being

Photography by Valeria Lazareva.

Caroline Denervaud

Research through intrinsic movement and forms.

Diane Arbus

Photographs of the eccentrics.

Fro and to

Domus Academy student project.

The Invitation

Domus Academy student project.


Domus Academy student project.