Your Dream is a Word Away

In turbulent times, such as those we live in, culture represents a safe place, a bulwark with no borders, as well as a space for escape.


Words are messages, connections and creation of meaning. Their immense power can lead us to reality; their previous weight can make us dream. If “verba volant, scripta manent” is true, the future – in order to be better – will need well-written words, rather than just beautiful words.

Photo courtesy of C.J. Hamilton

Tomi Adeyemi in VALENTINO, March 1st 2020, Paris

In the wake of this idea, Valentino continues its initiatives in support of art and culture, launching the ‘The Writer’s Roadmap’ project. Fifty international aspiring authors-to-be students will be supported in their training through a series of creative workshops chaired by the American-Nigerian writer Tomi Adeyemi, friend of the Maison Valentino, winner of the Hugo and Nebula awards and member of TIME 100 authors. The students were selected after they shared a post on their Instagram accounts explaining their backgrounds, their passion and why they would like to be a part of the course. Submissions have been collected and accepted through December 2, 2020 and the winners were announced on the following day December 3rd.


After graduating at Harvard University with a degree in English literature, Tomi Adeyemi continued her studies in Salvador, focusing on West African mythology, religion and culture. Her career soared in 2018, when her first novel ‘Children of Blood and Bone’ landed the top of The New York Times bestsellers’ list. A fantasy book aimed at an audience of young adults, ‘Children of Blood and Bone’ is able to capture readers with a classic tòpoi of the genre like magic, and at the same time surprise them with more real, explicit and sometimes violent traits. Disney and Lucasfilm confirmed the start of production of a film adaptation of the book. 

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Proper training is essential for a talent to flourish. For this reason, the writing classes are focused on organizing the creative process of each student, on the acquisition of tips and tricks directly provided by Tomi, and in general on encouraging them to pursue their dream of becoming authors. 

#WritersRoadmapxValentino is the hashtag used to launch the initiative on social media. It has been made possible thanks to scholarships granted to selected participants, supported by Valentino. 

The Italian House Valentino has always been committed to developing talents and promoting cultural diversity. Like never before, we need to rediscover a sense of belonging and to create an active community that benefits everyone. And this creative writing project represents a small step in defining a new standard for the education of the future. 

Whether it’s a fantasy story, an intimate novel or simple thoughts written down by hand in a notebook illuminated by the warm light of a bedroom, this initiative promoted by Valentino and led by Tomi Adeyemi guarantees concrete help in making what today is still perceived as a dream into reality: to live by writing.

Photos courtesy of Laine Yuhas

Video courtesy of Shabel Castro

Video courtesy of Laine Yuhas

Text: Mattia Cantoni