We live in a hybrid world: the boundaries of our digital and analogue existences are increasingly eroding and beginning to merge. Our research aims to transgress analogue and digital boundaries, and to question what the tensions of those two parts can play.


In the project “UNDER MY SKIN”, we used infrared photography to recreate physical bodies as digital prints and thereby examine how the boarders between analogue and digital worlds are increasingly blurred.


This editorial was created in collaboration with Berlin based photographer Amely Sommer. Her work is about finding images that are in between: between surface and underground, inside and outside, presence and absence, being and non-being. She is using different kinds of media to manipulate the images which allow her to visualize her own imaginative journey. We gave her the
freedom to reinterpret UNDER MY SKIN through her visual language.


KCDUBBICK is a sister designer duo based in Berlin. Cissel Dubbick is a recent graduate from the Weißensee academy of arts in Berlin and Katharina Dubbick specialized in Womenswear Knitwear at Royal College of Arts in London. KCDUBBICK was born in 2021 and has just launched its new collection UNDER MY SKIN.

Photographer: Amely Sommer (@amelysommer)

Designers: Katharina Dubbick (@katharinadubbick), Cissel Dubbick (@cissel_d)

Models: Matilde (@crispedflour), Cissel Dubbick