“… you, her, us
brave and warriors
black women
they tried to silence us
they tried to break us apart
but we stuck together
always as one
we are stronger
than the world is able to imagine …”

Photographer & Creative Director: Delfina Seefeld Kohen (@delfiseefeld)

Stylist: Jimo Soriano (@jimosoriano)

Make-Up: Angie Barrionuevo (@angiebarrionuevomua), Pipu Calise (@pipucalise)

Hair: Noe Deledicque (@noedeledicque_), Joaquin Vegacaro (@joaquinvegacaro)

Light: Lucio Castelnuovo (@luciocas)

Gaffer: Andres Fichendler

Video Co-Director & Post Production: Agustin Prieto (@agus_prieto)

Video Camera B: Diego Kompel (@dkompel)

Production Assistant: Jimena Markowicz (@jimemarkow)

Women: Marioska Fabián Nuñez (@marioskafn), Stephanie Montero (@stephiimontero), Tayara Moura Costa (@taymouracosta), Cindy Mosquera (@cindy_afro), Yariani De Sena (@yar.dsb),

Special thanks to Provideo Grip (@provideogrip), Chela Exacta (@chela.exacta) and Lo Management (@lomanagement)