Summer Postcard From Home gives you the feeling of disappearing from the pandemic. Even if only for a minute, you enter a vacation villa in the South of France, your own private hideaway. You find safety and tranquility in a digital haven during a time of global panic and unpredictability. The home’s idyllic interior is full of personal objects, art and craft that dance and conjure up childhood memories, reminiscent of summer and joyfulness. The nostalgic daydreams are a comforting and heartening reminder that even when faced with uncertainty, it is possible to find solace and peace of mind.

Director: Simone Lorusso (@simone_lorusso)
3D Artist & Interior Designer: Anna Broeng (@annabroeng)
3D Visualizator & Animator: Mercedes Luna Larrahona (@merlarrahona)
Music & Sound Design: Giorgio Berti