«Silenzi buoni is a dialogue between me and Sarah, I’m investigating Sarah, I’m helping Sarah.
Sarah is suffering from a mild depression and emotion instability, Sarah is ugly,
Sarah is disagreeable, Sarah is lonely.
In this Project I try to show how much she is beautiful, how much beautiful I see her, how much she is beautiful in the reality. How much I love her.
This project takes me away from reality, maybe for respect. I’ve looked away. The respect includes a detached look. Without distance it’s not possible any modesty».

Niccolò Morelli is an artist born in 1999 in Parma, after the cooking school he attends the LABA academy in Florence. He entered in contact with the camera at the age of thirteen and he never left it. His eyes looking at the intimacy and at the private sphere, he searches the synergy of the subject  with the environment, through a photography that seems composed and studied, where nothing is left on case, the details catch the eye and don’t let it go. His subjects are people with a connection with him,  through places and emotion. This intimacy is caught by a compact camera, that allows fast and immediate photography.


Photographer: Niccolò Morelli (@niccolo.morelli)